Shoesmith sues for pay off

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by halo_jones, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. timesonline

    The crux of her appeal is in bold below...

    I cannot understand how someone could, after such failing in the department they were in charge of, could then have the neck to then seek to appeal against dismissal!

    This is not a call for any work tickets but i really cannot understand how this society now seems to reward failure. Am i just plain thick or just too old fashioned in my views?
  2. They will bottle it and pay out. Watch my tracer.
  3. Of course they'll pay out. This is Once Was Great Britain where failure is handsomly rewarded.
  4. They wont pay out ,With public opinion regarding the circumstances regarding this little boy there will be a public outcry .
  5. I disagree with the view that it's a cult of rewarding failure. I think the root cause is targetitis and the penetration of Britains modern business ethos into the public sector.

    You see it in boardrooms the length and breadth of the country: so long as someone ticked all the right boxes they're regarded as being successful, regardless of what the actual real-life outcome was.

  6. Fuck off, Chubb you pointless boil.

    Your views and opinions are as valid and as useful as a copy of the Radio Times dated 'September 1983'.
  7. Took about 2mins to get a reply :D
  8. Really grown up that TLF................!!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually, I support the view that there is unlikely to be a "payout". What is more likely is the public outcry followed by an out of court settlement.

    The bottom line is that Ms Shoesmith has the rest of her life to remember one little boy who she failed............a significant punishment I think??
  9. I hope they stand up and defend this case, as it is right and proper that she was dismissed. It shows the naievite (sp?) of Ed Balls by announcing and pre deciding the outcome of a disciplinary process.

    She ran a department that was not up to the task and a child died as a result (again). She takes the pay, she gets the Job Title for her CV and with it the responsibility. I dont know how she has the nerve to challenge the decision to dismiss her.
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  11. Unless you know why I posted that or to whom I aimed it at, may I request you force feed a hedgehog up your dung trumpet? Thanks.
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  12. In court, out of court blah blah blah. Which ever way you view this the Irish bitch is going to get paid and land a top job somewhere. As for thinking about baby P for the rest of her life? She's not lost any sleep as yet. Her heads full of chasing the cash. All I say is don't buy her book.
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  13. She does not accept there was a f. up so conscience does not come into it.

    With the publicity, she was almost certainly never going to get another job in her line so an appeal is a must if she is to think of working at her 'speciality'
  14. I certainly agree she seems to think she and the department she was in charge of did a fine job, and this is the thing that i can not seem to get my head round? When all the evidence seems otherwise.

    Have those! In senior position's of power and responsibility not got the intelligence to work out that following a mahhosive cluster and then firing a few low ranks does not absolve them of responsibility?

    I hope that she decides against appealing but i doubt it! When it is easy money from 'no win no fee parasite's?'
  15. I suspect that whatever we think, employment law is on her side, and the correct process was not followed. It's a pity she did not pay as much attention to detail when protecting the child !!