Shoes for weightlifting - are boxing boots good enough or need I splash out?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Captain Cnutflap, May 19, 2012.

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  1. I've been weightlifting since April 14th, and although my running shoes have been ok for my rookie lifts I know one ought to be using flat-surfaced shoes with minimal 'spring'. Although there are dedicated weightlifting shoes eg ADIDAS adipower Unisex Weightlifting Boots: Shoes & Accessories
    these are bloody expensive. From what I can discern the real requirements are sturdiness and flat soles, and a friend recommended I investigate boxing shoes as a more economical substitute.
    These seem to fit the bill, although I'm concerned they may be a bit restrictive at the top of the foot.

    I would be appreciative of any advice. :p
  2. I wear Do-Wins. Cheap and Chinese but great for anything that needs a flat forefoot and elevated heel. For general lifting I wear a set of inov-8 bare-xf210, brilliant shoes.
  3. Chuck Taylors, plimsolls, ballet pumps, i don't know why they need to be sturdy, they just need to be flat and stable especially for squats. A cushioned heel puts extra strain on your knees when doing a squat. Those boots look OK but any pair of flat soled shoes are fine.
  4. Superb; just ordered a set of the ones in the OP. I've asked other forums and whatnot also and there's general consensus that they're good 'uns. Many thanks for all input.