Shoeburyness Noise Police

Discussion in 'RLC' started by diplomat, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer


    Under Secretary of State for Defence Don Touhig has been meeting residents concerned by noise from an explosive ordnance facility in Shoeburyness, Essex.

    Mr Touhig was on a fact finding trip on 26 January 2006 to The Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal School (DEODS), a tri-Service training establishment that is part of the Defence Explosives, Munitions and Search School (DEMSS), and was able to discuss with residents their concerns about noise levels.

    While at the site he also learned more about the process of explosive ordnance, or bomb disposal as most people would know it. He received a number of presentations from personnel to explain the role of the site and, following a safety brief, witnessed a number of demonstrations including the dismantling of a Javelin missile.

    Mr Touhig said of his meeting with local residents:

    "The MoD takes concerns from the local community about noise resulting from our work very seriously. It is for this reason that I have asked for a review to be held into the possible relocation of some of the demilitarisation work from the Shoeburyness range. I expect the review to conclude in March.

    "I wanted to visit the Shoeburyness site to see first hand the vital activities that are carried out here, and to talk to the sites' users and local residents about the noise issue. I have also asked for a public liaison group to be formed to allow a better dialogue between the public, the MoD, and QinetiQ, the operators of the site. The first meeting of this group is expected to take place in the next couple of months, following the recruitment of a dedicated community liaison officer at the site.

    "I found my visit absolutely fascinating and it gave me a better understanding of the issues that concern local residents. I really do hope that, by working together with the local community, we can find better ways to address the noise issue and explore opportunities to mitigate the effects of noise from the site's neighbours."

    As the largest land range site in the UK at 35,000 acres, Shoeburyness is perfect for teaching bomb disposal techniques. The demolitions training, conducted by Explosive Ordnance Disposal operators, is vital before troops have to do it for real on operations in locations such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Demolition often involves the destruction of metal objects filled with high explosive (such as bombs). This means that there is a high danger of shrapnel and flying metal fragments for up to several hundred metres from the explosion. Shoeburyness is a massive site with large open spaces, essential for this type of training as it is easy to recover the missing fragments after demolition.

    The site has been used as a gunnery testing range for 157 years. The range also conducts test and evaluation work including large calibre weapons testing, static trials and environmental testing of munitions. This testing is vital to ensure that they can be handled and used safely and effectively during military operations.


    You would think ater 157 years that the locals would be used to the odd noise from an explosion. The answer is simple, f--k off and move. Sell up and go and live in Scotland (better not though, low flying jets their from crabair).

    You would not believe the amount of money been wasted to placate these cnuts! How are we meant to train realistically if we can't make a little noise occassionally?

    I am sure these tw-ts wouldn't complain if they needed an EOD Team to sort out a bit of UXO in their back garden or kiddies playground?

    Next time an 11 team does a job in Esex, make lots of noise, break a few windows and blame it on lack of realistic tranining becasue of the noise police in the area! (Only joking).

    I am also suprised to see DEODS is 1) located at Shoeburyness; and 2) training people to 'dismantle a Javelin missile'. Fantasy brief from the DEODS Press Officer perhaps?
  2. Dippy, Press cock up as usual. DEODS would never claim to be at S'Ness, nor would they dismantle a Javelin. Slot it maybe, ah the fun we had with Hoopoes on the sands.....
    Noise police are also part of the S'Ness set up too. The amount of times a range serial has been cancelled (and you know what a pain that is, after setting it up all bloody morning) by The Management for fear of upsetting local cnuts a LOT. Bangs interrupt their daytime telly, the fcuking inbred t0ssers.
    Not surprised about the dig at DEODS at the end, but good to see inter-capbadge rivalry is alive and well.
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    The minority spoiling it for the majority.

    Bad press quote hyped far too much.
  4. I live about 3 miles away from Shoeburyness just next to Foulness Island where they do all the testing and you very rarely hear anything and when you do it's harldy anything to complain about! I just cannot understand the mentality of some of these people that complain, it's bizarre

    Miserable old farts :roll:
  5. This is what Yantlet Deml range has been going through for years. There is a local protest group led (so I was told) by a retd brigadier who had organised the local busybodies to time the intervals (you were allowed 10 initiations in any 1hr period separated by no less than 1 min) to the nearest fraction of a second. If one went off 59.9 seconds or less than the previous one, phones started jumping off MoD cradles all over Chatham.

    Cheers Brigadier.

    Tw@t. :evil:
  6. Looks like ASofA will be looking at Canada again for the ATO Dems phase.
  7. Only if there's enough left on the course to make it worthwhile!!! :D
  8. On ex in SPTA a few years ago, I answered the PTC 405 with a very pleasant Ea*les Sgt H******* to be told that the guns were making too much noise, I answered with a very polite F*** off we are firing 5 minutes later we had check fire from range HQ and told that I had upset some ex mil bod, they are the worst
  9. Most of the complainers live across the estuary at Herne Bay. Now concidering H Bay is full of geriatric blue rinced NIMBYS with fcuk all to do all day but find things to moan about. I,m not supprised its all kicked off. That poxy whale episode did,nt help matters either !!!! We just can,t do no right eh lads !!!

  10. No, but we can go to the range limit especially on cloudy days. Keeps the double glazers in business! :twisted:
  11. When have you ever know an ATO to be worthwhile? Would need to be a bl**dy big course to justify Canada.

    Anyway AS of A weren't to blame. DEOEDs managed to get all their dems in early for the day. 1000lbs - hey presto - disappeared.

    Next thing you'll bring up the whale thing and blame us for that.
  12. I always thought Bovington was the worst for the retired senior officer syndrome! The story circulating during my time there was that some senior pensioner complained that he had followed an early Challenger 1 at 40mph in a 60mph zone. He was reportedly told that the commander wasn't following the trial script and should have been going faster!

  13. [/quote]

    Would need to be a bl**dy big course to justify Canada.


    It was on the cards and all being planned out only a handfull of years ago. If they keep dropping the limit or halting dems the move to Canada will be back on. Strangely not for the AT's though just ATO's.
  14. I might be wrong... but isn't it the North coast of Kent that gets the worst of the noise from S'Ness??

    I remember hitting 105 decibels in Whitstable on a cloudy day!!!
  15. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    If you only hit 105 dB you should be ashamed and retire now. You obviously waste golden opportunities.

    The range limit used to be 120 dB, and if you remember anything from RMCS it is an exponentially derived scale.

    So much potential, so much wasted!!!!!!

    The best one I know of was the one that T--- John--- did in 199_ disposing of US 8in HE. Noise complaints from Clacton, and indication on Edinburgh University's earthquake monitor due to an inversion. In 15 minutes the civvy complaints rolled through the automatic phone system all the way through to the Officer's Mess Chef (Number 120 out of 127ish on the phone list!). I know as I was number 123 to get the noise compaints (due to a lack of diplomacy)!! Still got my toastie from her though!!!!!