Shoeboxes for girls - who to send to?

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by WSM, Sep 7, 2013.

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  1. WSM

    WSM Swinger


    I have 7 parcels for the ladies abroad, all I need is 7 names & BFPO addresses, please PM me so I can send.

    As a female I appreciate how much you must miss your toiletries and I have also packed treats and sweets
  2. You a lezzer?
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  3. No one is going to send you the names of soldiers currently on ops on the internet. You could be anyone. Amazingly, you'd be shocked to hear that toiletries are available in most foreign countries!
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  4. WSM

    WSM Swinger

    Not a lezzer just a civvy. Are you a lezzer?
  5. WSM

    WSM Swinger

    Hi Sammy anyone can do a reverse image search on Google of my avatar image and it's easy to see it's linked back to all my social profiles, based in Weston super Mare.

    Appreciate the concern
  6. WSM

    WSM Swinger

    I saw a huge thread on Reddit a couple of days ago which inspired me.
  7. Nope, just thought you might be a lezzer cos you are only making up boxes for wenches not blokes....which is sexist really. Tut on you!
  8. He may have been saying that because you've bizarrely posted this in the Lonely Hearts section, in case that slipped your notice.

    Oh ****, are you ever going to regret that!!
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  9. I hope you haven't packed AA's in the Rabbits. The RAF go ballistic is they catch you smuggling battery's in your Vibrators.

    The dykes may appreciate some Men's Cologne to attract the still undecided's in the girls tent
  10. WSM, you'll struggle to get a straight answer on here - the vast majority of posters have never been anywhere near the regular Army and I'd be surprised if many of them had ever been near a female either! Many cite 'OPSEC' or 'personal security' but what they actually mean is that they don't know!!
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  11. Have you been at the turps or were you deprived of oxygen when you were born? Why on earth would anybody willingly give the names and address of their colleagues out on the internet so they can receive a small box full of god knows what. If you are comfortable with this then please post your name and home address for all to see.
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  12. I'm a lezzer..

    ..a great big proper one and no mistake, and I'm right bonny too..with boobs and everything.

    Can I have one of the packages?

    Cheers aye,

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  13. Instead of jumping the gun and gobbing off why don't you read my post correctly. I didn't say that personal security wasn't a valid point; I said that many cite that as the reason instead of saying 'sorry, but I don't know the answer to that question'.
  14. This will not turn out well...
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  15. The **** does that say about you, you've been hanging with them for nine years.