shoebox for christmas in the sandpit

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by vandyke, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. I am just about to send a shoebox out to some mates in Iraq. They are at basra airport. What items are difficult to get hold of out there?

    Anyone got any good suggestions?
  2. Class A drugs are quite hard to come by as are gay ******* magazines.

    You are sending the parcel to someone in the AGC aren't you?
  3. What a pity you can't fit a serviceable air transport aircraft in a shoebox...
  4. I wonder where i can get a Mcgyver backpack that turns into a microlight

    Cheers for the tip geordie :0
  5. send some christmas stuff, you're not going to get much of that out there!!

    try popping over to the rear party site there are quite a few threads about this topic.
  6. Cheers for that missy, I did a search and the first thread i looked at suggested sending naked photos of myself to him, not really appropriate.

    But some good suggestions apart from that.

    Just wondered if there was anything specific that the Naffi-EFI didnt stock?
  7. vandyke - I'm having the exact same problem as to what to send.

    I mentioned to another member that there must be somebody in a war-zone who won't be getting a pressie this Christmas. She was able to supply me with the name of somebody, who she knows for a fact won't be getting anything. As I don't want to have any further contact with the person who I'm sending the gift to, my online friend has agreed to keep it all anonymous for me, which is fab - I seriously don't expect any thanks.

    I just find it really sad (and depressing) that these guys have to get up to a war in another country on Christmas Day, and that some of them won't get anything. You see them on TV and they look tired and you just know they'd rather be at home with their friends and family, but as ever they take it all with good humour and still smile through it all - If I can make just one person happy this Christmas, it will be worth it.

    Anyway,.... I've looked at different websites over the last few weeks, and all they came up with were things like magazines, dried fruit, facewipes, hand-wipes (anti-bacterial), lip-balm, chewing gum, non-perishable foods. Things that don't weigh a lot, I guess.

    I spoke to a friend at work about it a few days ago, he's also decided to send a pressie to some relative of a friend (in Iraq) and he advised me that postage is free on any parcel sent before the 8th December (as long as it doesn't weigh over 2kg)
  8. BriteGirlie... I want to send one the same way, any chance your friend can come up with another name, then how do I send it? cheers.

  9. Hi Buzty,

    I was given a name and address (of the person I'm sending a pressie to) about 3-4 weeks ago by somebody who you and I both know. :wink:

    I'll pm you with the details, I also have somebody else who may be able to help too.

    BG..... x
  10. Forget Basra Airport - they'll all be too p*ssed to care come christmas. It's the lads in the city who need the morale - shaat/palace/OSB. Poor fckers don't even have a NAAFI at the OSB.

  11. Supply some addresses of exactly where things should be sent - then hopefully some nice ARRSE people might dig deep and make sure at least some of them get something this Christmas.
  12. Jazz Mags, batteries, Options chocolate drinks, Loaded FHM Arena etc etc...

    Also if it is known what stuff they have already - DVD players CD players then you could even send them out newly released CD's and DVD's. I remember Xmas 1990 - the welfare boxes we got were dire... and in Bosnia in 95 again it was dire - I mean 40 plus, and Asian babes (no offence to the Asian populis on the site but they were rank.... no Lucy Lui's in site). Another could be vitamin pills.....