shoe bulling

I spent ages bulling my no. 2 shoes, used all the usual techniques - several layers of polish, small circles, water bulling, dark tan poilish etc. They looked great after a lot of work, but when I came to put them on and started marching in them, all the polish started flaking off and they looked crap.

Can anyone tell me what i did wrong and how to stop it happening again. Don't have to wear them for another 6 weeks so got plenty time to sort them out.

Cheers, GB
yes thanks, i've followed these guidelines and advice from my PSIs before, but still had this problem. I know this topic has been covered before, but to be fair, so has most of the stuff on ARRSE.
No one makes you reply to posts if you don't want to Lofty
It's not a problem I've ever had but have seen others with it. Taking a logical approach could it possibly too much polish not enough moisture during the bulling process? Oh and something from the very back of my mind recalls people with a similar problem walking in the shoes between layers to check for flaking. I'm sure all ideas are on here somewhere in the bulling threads.
Doh..... I just commented didn't I.

Ah well bull your shoes
wear your shoes
brush polish your shoes
bull your shoes
that's it really unless you want me to do them.
Thanks butler. When would be a good time for you to do them?
gun-bunny said:
Thanks butler. When would be a good time for you to do them?
the_butler said:
napier said:
Having 'mislaid' my wellies some years ago, I had my George boots boxed for spurs - hey presto, dual purpose boots. t_b, how much do you charge to get a sam browne back into top fettle? mine is looking a bit unloved & I'm feeling lazy.
I will paste my price list if it helps.
Sam Browne belt £30
Brown /Black shoes £20
Mess wellies £25
George boots £25
Ammo boots £50
Combat boots £30
Renovation and re polishing of any of the above is negotiable depending on condition of items.

How I normally work is you have the items delivered by parcel force at your expense.(Good value is 48hr service) when The items are ready I let you know then you arrange collection, also at your expense. If you need them in a hurry my turn around time could be 4 days from delivery to notification of collection. These are the same prices I have been charging since the 90's.
This is the bit where the conversation usually ends :D
Well I know I'm only a thick ex-jenny but we did 'burn' the polish on.
1. smother shoe/boot with polish
2. flick the lighter over polish
3. spit and small rotating with index finger
Came up like glass every time. In fact during one home leave, cleaned my brothers boots for him. Although his next parade he did say 'never clean 'em again' He was asked by his CO did he think he was on 'bloody victor slyvester come dancing!
thanks, Butler but i'll do em myself - much more satisfying that way, plus i'm a poor student ;)
BarryBuddon said:
I hope I don't sound rude but... What the Fcuk do you want to bull your shoes for?
If you didn't want to sound rude you would not have used a vulgarism. :roll:
Just an observation. :D
hmmm, lets see. To make them shiny so i don't get bollocked by my SM. Why else do people bull their shoes?
EC. i'm not bulling boots, i'm bulling my no. 2 shoes.

What's wrong with him not wanting us to look like a bag of s*** on parade?

I'm yet to meet someone who doesn't bull their shoes/brogues
Got the impression you were bulling boots for daily use, I have come across that in the past sadly. The Leather Luster is good stuff though and if put on properly lasts ages with only minor upkeep. Yes I see what you mean about having shiny boots for No 2s.
The trouble with Leather Luster is that once it's on, it's permanent. Also, if you scratch it, it's a pain to fix it. And it does crack. A lot of guys in the US Army used to use it on the toes and heels of their tanker boots and jump boots. If I remember correctly, you have to use steel wool on the leather, than paint on the Leather Luster and then cook your boots in the oven to set the stuff.

Although the US Army doesn't use shoe polish anymore, it was part of our lives for many years. What ya'll call "bulling" we called "spit shining" although you didn'y use spit to polish your boots and shoes. Like your recipe, cold water was always preferred and I used a worn out white cotton t-shirt instead of cotton balls.

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