Shoe Boxes for Afghanistan

Mrs K has a couple of friends from Church who have young sons out on Herrick. We are going to send out a load of Shoe Boxes to these folk to share with their fellow boys & girls.

I was humbled to get the RBL Box and other Shoe Boxes on previous tours.

Would anybody recently returned please advise us of the best items to boost morale and things that make a difference.

This has to be emailed to the Sky Pilot tommorow so it can be printed & handed out on Sunday.

So please no cheap jokes on Porn or Alcohol or contraband.

Whether it is Pot Noodles, Tabasco Sauce, Chess Sets, Novels, Soap please give us an idea of what we get folk to buy. We have to have these boxes (unsealed) to me by the 20th Oct.


If anyone knows of any soldier currently on Ops who recieves no mail would they PM me their details please? My other half is a teacher and she currently has a box or 2 made up from items her kids have brought in and she would like them to go to a named individual, pref one who doesn't get regular mail.
Thanks guys.

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