Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. So, there I was after having been to an Airborne Forces memorial service in London today and found myself staggering towards Charing Cross station full of ale. Ha! I thought to myself I need a lash, popped in McDonalds by the train station and went into the bog, there was 3 traps in there all occupied, by this stage I was bursting so decided to lag in the sink, massive relief all round when a woman came in to go in one of the traps. I didn't know that the bogs in McD's in Charing Cross are unisex did I! Serves her fcuking right. She yelped! What the fcuk did she expect!
  2. She is jealous.
  3. Wish I was her. I'd love to glimpse your semi-turgid, piss hard love stick spewing out gallons of your natural champagne.
  4. Did you let her shake it for you, or did the selfish b1tch make you do it yourself :?
    Did you wave it under her nose :twisted:
    questions that need an answer IMHO :D
  5. God know what she did but I don't think she'll look at Chicken Nuggets again in the same light!
  6. Oh, a hot and cold running toilet, I have one of those to!!

    When I was living with my parents, I used to come home from the pub rather worse for wear , and p1ss in the sink, but they used to leave their used t-bags at the bottom.

    I thought to myself, what a nasty habit thay have!!!
  7. No not really. Got your fucking attention though didn't it?
    Dirt, dirty fucking hermo.
  8. Me and Threaders might jump out of a closet together, fcuk you hard with a fire extinguisher before taking the last £15 out of your account and spending it on hetero porn and releiving each other with our mouths
  9. Jumping might be a tad difficult when my bloated bulb is lodged in your colon. We might have to "gently roll" instead as I am loathe to miss a second's sensation of your food waste tickling my glans.
  10. Huh! Stupid bitch! Anyone would think she'd never seen a tiny penis before...
  11. You play Daddy?

    You are a mincing snapper. Me and Threaders are butch hetero tigers who will burst your veins and fcuk you into the middle of next week. The only thing we'd like you to do thats unusual is not come round after CBT and the ruptures we're gonna give you
  12. Perhaps she yelped because she hoped to get a BIG MAC and what she actually got was a french fry. :wink:
  13. Fancy you posting on a thread about Big Macs and chips you hideous box of Dairy milk, butter and pie crust.

    Do one back to the Gateaux chateau.......
  14. LOL have I told you lately that I love you MDN? lol.

    Btw, you look very puuuuuuuurrrdy with make up ; )
  15. And you look hideous no matter what ID you hide behind.

    Feed your landladys arms throgh a tree chipper and hack out your reproductive organs with a Cutlass