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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wg100, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Had to visit a nearby barracks for some Physio recently. Rocked up to the gates in my motor, wearing civvies. Park up and head to the guardroom to get a car pass. Speak to the soldier behind the desk who proceeds to give me the laminated pass and a dry-wipe pen to fill in the details for myself. I then also filled in the vehicle register.
    At no stage was I asked who I was, or what I was doing there. No ID of any type requested. This was my second visit to the unit in as many weeks and thought the first time could have just been a fluke... obviously not.
    Am contemplating filling in my details as Mickey Mouse next time to see if it is noticed.
    What should I do about this shocking lack of security? It's not really my place to say anything to the guard commander as it's not my unit - he'd probably just as soon ignore me. Who should I look for?

    As an aside, the guy operating the gate looks very similar to the guy who operated the gate at Camp Souter in Kabul... maybe hitched a lift back to the UK in someones bergan?!
  2. and there I was thinking that security was everyones responsibility..
  3. Report it.
  4. My italics

    Which is why I am raising the point here. If, after two visits the same practise is followed, then it is more likely to be an institutional problem, rather than a guard commander level one. Knowing what soldiers are like he'd probably nod and make all the right noises, then promptly forget about me as soon as I'd walked out the door...
  5. Who to?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Sign the chit as Osama Bin Laden, give your number plate as A1Q A1DA, go about your business and when you are about to leave (and provided you are still breathing and nobody has made scrap metal out of your car), call for the guard commander, or better still the OC/CO and point out the deliberate mistakes on your chit.

    The blokes on the gate are going to get beasted to feck and back, and if you are serving, so might you, but the point will have been made.
  7. Really stir it - give a written complaint (anonymously if you wish) to the local civilian police. Times and dates and explain your concerns. Copy the letter to the local MP.

    Your story NEEDS investigating.
  8. The office you are looking for has a sign above it marked "Adjutant"

    Suggested script:

    "Good morning Sir, I am XXXXX - might I have a moment of your time to pass on my concens at the entry proceedure to your camp I experienced this morning and again x weeks ago?"

    Alternate BBC headline:

    "17 British Soldiers were killed this morning when a VBIED exploded at XXX barracks"

    WG, frankly you sound like a good bloke - If the response from Captain blah-blah is poor - i.e. who are you to critique my security proceedures? then he is fool, and you sound as if you can take the resulting hot air.

    I suspect, based on my own experience, that he will either thank-you and do nothing or, more likely, run a little check himself (I found that the unit down the road would gleefully volunteer to assist) and then the poo hits the fan in front of Guard Commander....... and Orderly Officer gets to roll the dice (twice)
  9. a colleague of mine served in a foreign army, a good one. I just showed him this post. Makes me sick he said, I was taught that it is a privelige to guard your comrades while they are resting/ in camp. He knew a bloke that made a cockup on guard and was beaten severely- never made the same mistake again.
    I would report it to anyone who can take action.
  10. Yes that's REALLY a good idea. Send a copy to the Sun whilst you're at it - but only if you get a cheque in return. Why not try and drag down the reputation of the Army even further?

    How about making those actually responsible for the issue aware of the problem first so they can do something about it? A letter to the Adjt/Garrison Sgt Maj/whoever would be rather more appropriate, no?
  11. Int Corps dick head.
  12. Is Tiger watch still going? Didnt they used to have a team that was dedicated to rocking at guardrooms in order to establish lapses in security? If they are still going it may well be worth giving them a call. Failing that, speak to your local MI unit, we always had to report breaches of security such as broken fences etc to them so this may well be their buisness too.