Shocking revalation

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Nov 12, 2005.

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  1. Lord Flasheart is Welsh!!!!!

    I believe it to be true, Cpunk bubbled him in confidence earlier on.

    That makes Cpunk, Eggbanjo and Flash all leek eating 'is its'

    Bad enough that he threw one up BBs claypit, but to admit to being a taff is beyond forgiveness..... sign out a pistol and wander into the woods. (take someone responsible with you to pull the trigger, you shoot like you fcuk you flattop wearing moustached deviant)

  2. Oh, Welsh is it? There's lovely then.
  3. Is this jacket your coat ?
  4. Who's coat is this jacket, But?
  5. There's no bread, you'll have to have toast. (Oh, isnt it? See?)
  6. I'm writing this slow cos i know you can't read fast
  7. Who's knife is this fork and spoon.
  8. The only country in the world to have it's mother in law on their national flag
  9. see those two houses on the hill - well - mines the one in the middle
  10. Whose boots are these shoes,then?
  11. Buy your own f*cking glue!
  12. How did he qualify to fly a helicopter?

    Into the sky you say?

    We will be flying over sheep will we?

    It's an engine you say? Always loved Ivor the Engine I have...

    etc, etc, cue mass suicide of instructors and the inevitable fleeing sheep from Middle Wallop and its surrounding pastures...
  13. what's that do then???
    oohhhh very clever!
  14. You three make a right pair!
  15. What in the name of sweet Jesus are you people talking about?