Shocking news, or something that we're all used to?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Zero_Over, May 7, 2011.

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  1. Doesn't this happen all the time? Oh, and since when are serving members of the armed forces allowed to give press interviews anyway?
  2. Bad drills, who would que for 90 mins to get into a club?
  3. Yeah, the club must be filled with sexy student clunge to make it worth waiting that long to get in.

    Or maybe the beer's cheap. He's a squaddie after all...
  4. Free beer and clunge and maybe, just maybe i would que!
  5. I have been to this club many times, the clunge is definitely worth the 90 minute wait.
  6. Sounds like the place to go for the next ARRSE piss-up. Leave your MOD 90's behind though...
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  7. Ding ding, tickets please for the bus. Any licenced premises has the right to refuse access to anyone without giving a reason.

    Food for thought: If a lot of our Armed Forces brethren didn't behave like total cnuts when on the pop then there would be a lot less of this kind of thing...
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Do they give these clowns the Newspapers phone numbers to stick in their mobiles?
    Fuck me 10 - 15 years ago nobody wanted Squaddies in their pub, club or daughter
    At best you ended up with a bunch of blokes either naked or covered in piss and vomit or at worst a good old wild west style brawl
    You got knocked back or chucked out you just wandered of in your piss stained jeans and dessies and got a kebab and went back to camp (if some passing Irishman didn't shoot you first)
    At least now everyones got short hair then you stood out a fucking mile and you couldn't get in nowhere until you were 21 so you had to lie like a yank in a diet club to get in

    Now it's all boo hoo I'm a hero because I'm in the Army and I must have everything I want
    Just because you've ridden near the Queen and not fell off dosen't give you the right to get everything you want
    Why not go to the Ferrari Garage and claim one in the name of the Queen
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  9. I never found the behaviour of squaddies on the piss any worse than any other groups of people the same age. Louder maybe, and less likely to lose a fight, but that's it really.
  10. agree with you there 'the boy syrup', maybe i am getting old.
  11. I agree on the clunge and in my view it's bad skills/drills on a night on the pop to have your ID card on show as this is a regular occrance imx. If asked for ID, I just give the photo card driving licence.
  12. Yeah, and there's no date of birth on the mil ID anyway so there's no point showing it unless you're trying to get a discount!
  13. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Crap Wah, or mong?
  14. Neither. I always used my passport as ID anyway as I looked slightly less freaky in that pic.
  15. You might want to get it out of your wallet and have another look....