Shocking ITN News Story.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Apr 4, 2012.

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  1. ITN News At Ten tonight reporting on the alarming levels of suicide amongst returning military veterans. anyone else see it ?
  2. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Yup. The Scary One saw it. She now knows what it's like. She understands why I shudder and whimper in my sleep on Wednesdays after ACF evenings.

    Okay, apologies are in order for that previous sentence. My old man was a pilot flying Stirlings in Bomber Command and got burnt. He talked about fun times, the Mess and nicking stuff. Never what he saw. I guess the difficulty is that one minute you're on Helic the next you're at Brize, in the street and getting gobbed at by veggies/Gibson's dog/Lefties/ anyone with an axe to grind.
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  3. Haven't seen it..I'm too busy trying to work out why my the hose from my car isn't working.. car runs on unleaded
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  4. IIRC isn't this the article focusing on the US?

    And one of the names mentioned is a sergeant Bean?

    Suicides claiming lives of former American military | ITV News
  5. Oh great another thread on how servicemen are going to pieces by the vacuous AirFilter. I'm not sure why the **** people respond to this ****
  6. Don't worry, it's all Maggie's fault. The return of his socialist utopia will fix everything.
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  7. An article about US servicemen?

    So it's in fact about the American "Stop-loss" system of endless redeployment of reservists, issues of ongoing white working class poverty in middle america, the crystal meth epdemic aflicting the same aforementioned communites that act as the US Army/National Guard recruitment ground coupled with US gun control issues making homicides and suicides more prevelant?

    That wraps up all of the issues I think, none of which has anything what so ever to do with ARRSE or the British Armed Forces.
  8. It does have to do with AIR FILTERS quivering self righteousness has as he forges ahead in the vanguard of his mind, reality doesn't matter.
  9. It's not entirely their fault. I've learned that putting AF on ignore is merely a Maginot Line against his Blitzkrieg of jackbooted, totalitarian inanity.
  10. You mean another thread on how servicemen are going to pieces by the vacuous ITN News ?

    Or would you much prefer it that these types of story's are hushed up and swept under the carpet like what our politicians do?

    This topic is sad i know, but it is a very real problem that affects British Veterans too .... as you well know.

    We as a society need to urgently address this reality the best we can ..... And NOT just run away and hide from it!

  11. Mother of god
  12. No.

    You are making a pointless grief whoring post in the hope that people will pay attention to you, can't you just make a failed suicide attempt or try to murder one of the 2 remaining Beatles like all the other narcisists do?
  13. I think that we as a society should investigate why most sentient beings run away from your posts. The reality is that you are exposing things that people don't want to discuss. We need to establish a reason for this. Could it be that in talking about such matters allows the individuals inner fears to be exposed? Fears that are suppressed now but that will one day erupt into a volcano-like fury. An inferno of white hot emotions leading people to murder innocent women and children whose only crime is to be in the wrong place when the fury boils over.

    Or could it be that you are a maundering, gibbering, attention seeking band waggon peddlar who seeks only to gain vicarious pleasure from reports of doom, gloom and despondency and your supposed concerns.

    In which case you urgently need to be placed in the stocks and have rotten tomatoes thrown at you until you recant.
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  14. what we need here is a champion of truth,someone who will lead the way in suicide and investigate these claims

    oh tropper where art thou?