"SHOCKING Graphic Video Surfaces of Execution of Truck Drivers for Non-Muslim Ties"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by carlbcfc, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. I caught this on another forum I use. Not sure if it has been posted already. I have done a quick search and found nothing, so here it is. Beware, I have seen many executions, including beheadings by these animals in the past, but this one is as real as it gets. These men are not hostages, they have not done nothing wrong, they are not ambushed, they are not expecting it. They have no clue what lies ahead......

    "Execution" Truck Drivers - YouTube

    Now, excuse my ignorance, I understand propaganda appears during times like this, and you are never quite sure why it was released. If this is the future with the rebels, then is al-Assad really the better of two evils?
  2. I posted this last week amidst the 4,000 page Syria thread. I think this was just over the Iraqi border, but these are still the same people who fight the SAA. These are the same people that the US wants to empower by striking Assad. The same people who hate the West and would happily kill us all. Go figure.
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  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Good grief! I'm wearing a rather shabby Regimental tie today. I'd best look out...
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  4. Is this not in the same vein as the thread "what's your limit?". I don't know how graphic it is as, to be honest, I've seen enough people getting slotted and don't feel the need to see more.
    Not to detract away from the OP's point - it's completely ****ed up over there and as usual it's the innocents who are suffering.
  5. Sorry, I just never had the time to follow that one in full. This is thread worthy alone I think. If it was my decision, I would stick with al-Assad. At least you can get him under some sort of control.
  6. That thread is rather large and fast moving, so easily missed. An important thing to highlight though. Sure, neither side is 'great', but John Kerry seems to be painting the rebels to be these plucky warriors, fighting against oppression and terror. Only for some of them to want to bring their own brand of oppression and terror.
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  7. Nukes, lots of nukes, lillypad fashion.
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  8. If only the Israelis were into martyrdom...
  9. I wonder if Eddie Stobart is hastily trotting out a non-haram version his trucker tie?
  10. Isn't it usually truck drivers doing the executions?
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  11. Having just watched this, something in my mind has finally clicked and made me realise that there really is absolutely no helping these backward, barbaric and disgusting people. For all those people already enlightened, I apologise for my delay.

    Build a massive wall around the Middle East, and give them a hundred or so years to catch up with the rest of civilisation and/or wipe each other out, then when things look a bit better, we can start talking to 'em again.
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  12. The FSA take the fiddling of Tachos and driving hours very seriously.

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  13. Haven't watched the link and don't intend to. Youtube, liveleak etc is full of clips of executions. Loads are from Syria; ejected pilots, government forces, civvies- all being executed. They're all ******* stoneage animals. By "all" I'm referring to muslims.
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  14. Hmm chainsaws.

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  15. No they just murder prostitutes.Not sure if they behead them though.