Shocking Cloggy "nature" park

Been looking at the photos of this place and was wondering if any Dutch members or those with a better understanding of the language than me, could give a bit of info on the text. I can work out some it and get that the site is "anti" the nature park (understandably) but wanted a bit more detailed stuff. I thought of using online translators but DII doesn't let me.

Edited to add; I put this in the Shooting Sports forum as I seem to recall that some posters here are either Dutch or Netherlands based. And as a stalker (and a human being) I find the state of the animals shocking.
from Babelfish:

The Oostvaardersplassen, nature area or hunger camp? The Oostvaardersplassen, for the one nature area full splendid at. For other one the example of terrible animal suffering in the Netherlands. On this Internet site you find picture material and findings which we have obtained by several visits to the Oostvaardersplassen, supported by text and explanation. Look and judgement himself. New beelmateriaal on: THE GRAZERS IN OOSTVAARDERSPLASSEN BECOME BIJGEVOERD. Minister of agriculture, nature and food quality has Gerda Verburg (CDA) to this end decided in the council of ministers. The animals get hay within some days as a supplement on feeding which they find. Emergency DEBATe On Tuesday 23 March the House of Commons has voted concerning the policy concerning the Oostvaardersplassen. The motion of Henk Jan Ormel (CDA) and the motion of Dion Graus (PVV) have been adopted. In the motion of Henk Jan Ormel was pleaded for by directly makes available of poor hay. This motion was carried by CDA, the PVV, the Christian Union, Verdonk and the VVD. In the motion of Dion Graus (PVV) it was pleaded for early evaluating the current policy of state bunch management. This motion was carried by the PVV, it CDA, the Christian Union, Verdonk and the VVD. The party for the animals kept crazily enough in both adopted motions aloof. The House of Commons to has asked the minister at the latest Wednesday 24 indicate March how implementation is given to these motions. Also is let know in demand as soon as possible which veterinary specialists will become integrated.

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