Shock toll of British injured in Afghan war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 19, 2007.

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    The Guardian/Observer is gunning for the MoD on this and are prepared to go to court to get the info they believe is being witheld.
  2. Good luck to them
  3. All together now

    "Thank you Tone.Oh dear ex Leader"
  4. Methinks the meja is taking liberties with the English language again. 'Significant medical treatment' and 'patched up' to return to duty suggests a touch of terminological inconsistency.
  5. Maybe if the MOD was to implement the same requirements as industry for reporting casualties at work, hospital treatment or 3 days off work, we would get a better figure. Remember you get a Purple Heart for a cut caused by enemy action in the US so reporting of casualties is more rigorous.
  6. I've been wondering how long it would take them to wheel these statisitcs out. Dead squaddies just don't sell the papers they used to.
  7. Their is a few on here, who went back after getting wounded, i do hope they get the true figures out.
  8. Well! that does'nt look to good for the Guys does it? And Dannett has the ordasity to say the Forces are "Streached" but Winning the Tactical War. That should boost the Troops Moral....The're getting Shot Up every day, seeing more action in a month, than the average Soldier of of 20yrs ago saw in their entire Service.

    Good Luck to the Servicemen out there, lets hope that Government start to look after you at last..because up to now you have been treated disgracefully
  9. Always been the same. Lies and bullsh1t flying in the face of the truth can only be sustained for a limited period of time. The recent pathetic and inept attempts of the MoD to silence those who know the truth is a clear sign of panic.

    The only positive solution is to do something, not just keep talking about it and trying to spin the position. As ever, face up to it, review the position, adapt as required and put the funding & resources in. And STOP STUPID LIES.

    Unless of course the only plan is to (i) pull the plug soon or (ii) play for time in the fervent hope it does not become a pre Election disaster.

    Edited for just having read article linked above. Quite clear that if you now do not read on ARRSE it will be coming on via the press. They smell, quite rightly, the clear potential for a debacle thanks to stupid and cowardly Politicians
  10. Chaps. Whilst I don't advocate a British medal equivalent to the Purple Heart, might there be a place for a wound stripe? It's not without precedent and would gave a harder mechanism through which injuries can be recorded.

    Any thoughts?
  11. I'm a dirty Guardian-reader and me and my like often get hammered on ARRSE as being somehow anti-forces. I'm not, but wonder how fellow ARRSErs feel that it is the Guardian that seems to be leading on these stories?

    Are they still a bunch of pinkos?
  12. Excellent idea. It signifies that someone has put themselves into harms way and received a wound inflicted by direct enemy action. We had them in WW1 (not so sure about WW2) so why not now? It would be cheap to implement and Joe Public would love it. The only downside for Team Defence (or whatever they are called) is that it would provide a visual counterpoint to their spin regarding the amount of personnel being wounded.


  13. Thinking rationally, that should be no inpediment at all to its implementation.

    However taking into account some of the things I hear from served and serving friends, and here on arrse, not much would surprise me.
  14. From the Observer article.

    My bold

    So, of the teeth arm soldiers 400 have been bedded down or put on light duties. Perhaps one of our resident medics can give us the low down on how many men from 1500 (and in a single tour) could reasonably be expected to go down with heat stroke or D&V in such extreme conditions.

    People should also concentrate on what hasn't been written as well as what has. Do You think that Townshend wouldn't have asked how many of the 700 casualties were from battlefield wounds - doesn't the fact that He didn't write that the spokeswoman refused to give an answer to the question suggest anything to You. I advert You to what the spokeswoman DID say

    This is just more journalism muddying the waters for their own ends - albeit better than the normal dross.