Shock Story - Army aint half bad...

I almost fell off my chair when I read this Grauniad article (especially after the 'Army train Uzbek murderers' piece last week):,,1519356,00.html

'The first thing I learned in the army, was that dawn starts at 3am. The second, was that five hours' sleep a night is a reasonable amount'

'As one cadet puts it: "I've met people here who I would never have met normally, and I've met people I would never have thought I would get on with. But when you're out there keeping each other going, you realise there's more to some people, and that you're glad they're around." Now that's teamwork.'
this sounds like a 1st class hotel
Look at the section it's in Barbs. If they want to generate advertising revenue from the Army (recruitment ads being the single most expensive piece of newspaper advertising you can get) then they need to write the odd "puff piece" as I believe the journos call it.

Still, I don't want to sound completely ungracious, they didn't need to print it but I bet the salesman is chuffed to bits.
^Fair enough - only got the cutting through because of the rough subject (officer cadets) and no context - found it on the web and hey presto I'm advertising for the Grundian.

I must say that I will take any good stories this week!
THE OTC however, isn't that bad! Fit birds waiting to put out, cheap beer and getting paid for drinking it! What can be better!

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