Shock news:Muslims outraged.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by filthyphil, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. No doubt muslimwallahs around the world are dusting off their outrage flying carpets and jinglies...

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  2. If only these poor people had some sort of helpline to call...
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  3. I'm outraged that they've been outraged. In fact I'm so outraged I'm going to write to the Times.
  4. From the article: "Sixty or seventy local Afghans gathered outside the base to protest against the destruction of materials, including the Muslim holy book, which is highly offensive to the Afghan people."

    I thought they were all for the Koran?
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  5. And here it is. Ding Ding, next stop Doncasterabad.

  6. I was a bit worried, we hadn't apologised for anything in weeks!
    Are we allowed to say pancake day?
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  7. I am incandescent with indifference.
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  8. This guy has been hired as their PR guru.

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  9. mmm, pancakes, I like mine with caster sugar and lemon juice. Occasionally I like them with golden syrup.

    Well if they were not outraged at this they would be outraged at something else, they must be a very angry people.
  10. No as it's related to fasting for Lent and christianity i've had no notification of this from the PCT diversity officer. I do though every year get an e mail about Ramadan.
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  11. Damn, beat me to it!
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  12. Its no wonder they are such a backward religion. They spend most of their time being outraged about something.....usually minor things. If they actually spent time other then being outraged, they may actually be progressive.
  13. Shocking where's my cabbage cannon.
  14. I'm apoplectically outraged that you should refer to that prestigious organ in lower case. It's The Times, you unlettered oaf. You'll be writing about 'the koran' next, I shouldn't wonder. I'm going to get Abu Qatada to slap a fatwa on you.