Shock news! Fears over UK troops readiness

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by counterstrike, Feb 28, 2006.

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    TWIT (with an A) :evil:
  2. Why is it that whenever something like that is said I have a vision of the person sitting cross-legged on the floor, rocking backwards and forwards, hands over ears, eyes closed, mumbling "Lies, it's all lies..." over and over. :roll: How do these sort of mongs get elected?

  3. Being a fatherless tw@t is a prerequisite for being a politician, especially one working under TCB.
  4. What was the advert for that had a guy with "Lalala" Headphones on??? Insurance? Kinda sounds like Adam Ingram!
  5. Lies! Its all Lies!!

  6. A fine self portrait there DG!!!
  7. Are these fools living in their own little world, for fcuks sake i wish they would wake up and smell the coffee.

  8. The real questions are why does does he think this? He is either:

    a. Being spouted boll**ks by those who should better and therefore let him get away with it.

    b. Lying like he did last time over the torture claims in Iraq.

    Regardless he could still use the same script he used for his speech in Parliament regarding reports of torture:

    He said had not lied by claiming he had never received "adverse reports" about prisoner abuse from human rights groups.

    The Government were then forced to admit they had received letters and documents from both the International Red Cross and Amnesty International.

    Mr Ingram said these were not proper reports because of the way they were put together. Hmmmm

    "Report has a specific meaning to me," he told the Commons. "It's something that is properly researched, properly constructed and properly presented."

    "The central charge is that I received reports about abuse in detention and did nothing about it." Ditto for the overstretch paper then?

    Anagram of Adam Ingram is simply Dim anagram.

    Sit back and watch it all disappear.
  9. In this case, by being a deceitful mendacious bigot that panders to the sectarian "working class" (benefit claimant class) of the central belt of Scotland.

    However, the days of ministerial lying may be drawing to a close. According to the BBC News website (link not available but it should reappear tomorrow) the Ministerial Code of Conduct may be amended to explicitly prevent ministers lying at all. Currently they only get in trouble if they lie to Parliament, although liar Byers tried to wriggle out of that one by claiming that an "untruth" was not a "lie". :roll:

  10. While it should be good and certainly is needed can you really see this happening??? Blair and the rest of his cabinet, past, present and future would be holding meetings in the Tower within a week!!! it would be rank as the greatest home goal ever and no matter how slimy he is, Blair aint stupid. Theres more central control with this Govt than this country has ever seen since 1066, including that lot that did in Charly 1.

    edited once to remove mong spelling