Shock, Horror

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armourer, May 15, 2005.

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  1. Shock, Horror PTP locks another topic in current affairs...for telling the truth.
  2. Armourer, I don't understand mate.

    Do you post dribble bordering on racism to get a bite or to vent frustration?

    You should play another tune once in a while..... the 'Darkies are trouble' record is boring as fcuk
  3. Armourer, PTP has to lock some of the threads and delete your comments because all the website needs is someone from the corridors of power saying we post racist comments :roll: this day and age of PC, Good & Bad CO would get a visit and our lovely ARRSE would be no more :cry:

    All I'll say on the matter is, think before you post and word it "correctly". :wink:
  4. MDN, Islam isn't a race and I haven't been racist. You using the word "Darkies" is far more racist.

    By PTP's standards this topic should now be locked because you have used racist words.
  5. Racism is about creed, religion and colour. Your comments can be taken as racist.

    MDN used the word 'Darkies' in reference to your continued use of comments/material he found to be offensive.

    Why do you continue to post in PTP's thread? Pick another and see if it is personal or if other moderators believe you to be offensive. Simple really.

  6. BBC,

    I have never used any racist word on arrse or anywhere else.

    I wasn't posting in any of PTP's topics, he locked (it might even be deleted now) a factual topic about Marathon runners in Pakistan. I said nothing that wasn't being said on the TV news.

    In fact if you can find a racist word like "darkies" that I have used I'll cough up to MDN's GPR fund.
  7. Armourer....... I am merely translating what you actually mean in a far more polite manner than I imagine you would.

    If your views really are the way you portray then do us a favour and stick them up on a different site.

    Yep I'm a hypocrate that pokes fun at puffs, lesbians, mongs, spazzers and the RAF.... I would like to think that most would take that in the banter and mockery that its intended.

    Your posts are simply racist inflamatory hatred... dressed up as racist inflamatory hatred.

    I also have a gut feeling you're a walt but thats another story :D :D
  8. How on earth can a factual post about what was being shown on TV news be racist & inflamatory ?
  9. Armourer, time and again you continually bring up the race card on threads on Current Affairs. PTP views this as unacceptable, if it was a one of comment, he would no doubt let it pass but I have to admit, you do continually bring it up, the postal ballot fraud one I can remember.

    I for one find racism unacceptable but as MDN says the RAF are fair game, if you want to highlight the failings of Islam, then do it with a more acceptable taint to your posts. Your comments on the marathon runners was locked because PTP saw it going the same way as your other rants
  10. it depends how you word it :roll: Look at the way you said it and any previous rants you've had against Islam
  11. Jesus Christ - I missed a jamboree.

    Shall I get my handbag?

    Armourer, you have obviously p*ssed people off. I would shut my gob if I were you.

    Crikey,you even got the Beebs and RHM to reply. I must have missed a cracking thread.

    Note to you though: Don't p*ss PTP off.

    Yours, Sluggy.
  12. it's about this

    now i read that and i see a story about an extremist MINORITY

    and the actual government of the country as modernist and wanting to be moderate

    and you're right, i actually should have said PTP's forum not thread.

  13. How on earth can a factual post about what was being shown on TV news be racist & inflamatory ?[/quote]

    And just because it's on the TV news doesn't make it racist or inflamatory?


    Sharpton makes the news all the time and there's one race baiting hypocrite.

    Look I don't think that you're a racist but I do think that you have some pretty dark threads and seem very focused on Islam.

    Try to lighten up a bit, this is a NAAFI Bar. :wink: