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Shock...!! Horror..!! Tour De France Winner is Drugged Up...

Now who would've thought it...? Cycling in another drugs shame story...

Next you'll be telling me that Chinese swimmers are getting steroid injections from the age of 7 and that the old Eastern Block countries had a penchant for dabbling in performance enhancing drugs...

Well I never..........!!
:lol: Next you will be telling me that the East European women hammer/shot throwers are all blokes really.

Or that the sword fencers had a little button in the handle that registered a hit when pressed.

I mean who would believe that professional sports people would do such things..
Well, to be fair the analysis of the A sample has shown that he had an unusual balance of testosterone/epitestosterone, ag the end of one particular days racing (stage 17) in which he broke away from the front of the peloton and stayed ahead for over 100 miles - a remarkable physical effort.

There could be a whole range of natural endocrine system reactions caused by extreme exertion which may explain this.

Dont forget that he would also have been tested on numerous other occasions during the 3 weeks racing, and none of the other samples have shown any irregularity. I think its a poor reflection on our press that they immediatley jump to the "drugs shame in cycling" storyline when theres probably a lot more to this than at first sight.
Cheating freaks, bound to happen with the amounts of money/sponsorship/pressure

These bloke are truly abnormal in their normal physiological states, their energy output/work rate is bonkers, no normal athlete can now keep up with the requirements of the competion, has it become a battle of the chemists...probably

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