Shock horror: Too many Army Officers privately educated

@Fang_Farrier you are not quite correct, there are a considerable number of prep schools in Scotland, indeed I went to one of them! Many of the private schools have an attached prep school and there are a number of stand alone ones such as Ardvreck or Belhaven.
I think there are nine Prep schools in Scotland, including those attached to private schools. I’m not sure that I would call that a considerable number.


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Morrison's Academy? Until QVS went co-educational in the mid-90s, a few "sisters to QVS boys" went there...
I was unlucky enough to be in the last year of Morrison's before it went co-ed.

It was quite the haven for padbrats.
I think this dynamic is under-recognised. I went to a truly dire public school in the late 80s and early 90s, there is a queue of ex-teachers going through the courts at the moment. Last week the chaplain got 12 years for child abuse, last year my history teacher got 18 for rape.
I certainly hope that does not account for a somewhat twisted disposition you sometimes display.

Though on reflection with a couple of sprogs and a Springer you seem to have rallied well.
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Meanwhile Labour stalwarts press on with Private Education must go. Ed Miliband is now among MPs throwing their support behind a new drive to outlaw private schools along with shadow minister Laura Pidcock and other MPs including Clive Lewis and Rachel Reeves. The group, launched this week, is pushing the party to commit to removing fee-charging schools’ privileges and to integrate them into the state system.
Labour activists call to abolish private schools | Metro News

There is Councillor Nick Childs deputy leader of Brighton and Hove City Council and ardent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn who frequently retweets social media messages from the Labour Party leader. In charge of the authority’s school policies he has accused the Department for Education of having a “fetish for privatisation” and has spoken of his “socialist vision” for education in Brighton and Hove.

His daughter attends £40,000-a-year Roedean a private Sussex school with its own golf course, swimming pool, theatre, chapel and a private tunnel to the nearby beach.
Labour councillor who attacked ‘privatised education’ sends child to £40,000-a-year school

Labour hypocrisy over the subject of private education has long been a recurring theme in their 'do as I say, not as I do' Orwellian approach to life, love, the business of running a country, and their relationship with the Armed Forces, and its leadership.

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