Shock! Horror! Tony Blair talks to lots of ordinary soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Today in Parliament on Radio 4 has just played back our beloved PM's comment that "he talks to a lot of ordinary soldiers" and that they "were in complete agreement with what the Government was trying to achieve". I might not have accurately recorded his comments because I was laughing so much....

    So, to whom has Tony been talking? Are they "ordinary soldiers" or are they all Black Baggers in the MOD?

    Or am I just cynical and he has just spent 10 minutes with CDS - an "ordinary soldier".....not!

    There might also have been a comment that he (TB) would provide anything and everything that the Services asked for but I am certain that he had his fingers crossed behind his back....

  2. If he's talking about the government trying to get him to step down, then he'd be right.
  3. Rather he talks at them, there is a difference.
  4. I remember when he visited 'shaibiza' in Jan 04, He talked bollocks about how the folk back home were right behind us. He obviously was'nt briefed, that many of us had just arrived 2 days earlier.

    What a Bull$hitting Cu*t
  5. Maybe he's confused and he's just hearing voices in his head. Unless, of course, any "ordinary soldier" wants to admit to talking to the odious creature? 8O
  6. Please note that we mean 'talked to' in the sense of 'had a conversation with', not 'talked to' in the sense of 'stood in the background while some oik desperately tries to look warry in an effort to boost his ratings' or simply 'talked at'.
  7. Tony the Phoney is so good at talking to children and those people who can't answer him back.Watch him the next time on TV and he gets out and about he will be visiting a school or something that does not cause him undue concern.
  8. I remember that prick turning up in Pristina. I was not allowed to speak to him. Shame really as I would have loved to have had the opportunity to tell himexacty what I think of him and his odious cronies let alone his bitch.
  9. Would any tom be stupid enough and voice an honest opinion to him ? Or more important any commander be stupid enough to put a tom who might voice an opinion in blairs presence .
  10. Apart from the obvious factual failure of this particular statement made by Bliar last night did anyone else's blood boil to hear the immensely irritating "you know" in the middle of the clip.
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I recall him coming to Basrah on TELIC 1, when the whole thing revolved around him preening himself in front of the cameras, with most of his "talking to soldiers" actually being with his back to them whilst addressing the press.
  12. But, you know, that's just him being 'Trustworthy Tone', a hip 'man of the people', you know. Innit. :roll:

    Edit: I bet he considers himself 'The People's Prime Minister'. Pass the sick bucket...
  13. Why can no one manage an ND when you want?

    Whenever they are televised you just get pathetically stage managed events with troops looking painfully embarrased to be seen near the liar.
  14. he was out here 2 months ago, we saw him, he spoke... then we got free pepsi and pickle sandwiches! a cunning decoy so he could slope off, which left me clenched fists in the air, on my knees and wailing skywards.... "ill get you blair if thats the last thing i do!!"

    the pickle sandwiches were awesome.
  15. I'm with you Litotes, I heard the same interview. The interviewer asked how many times TB has talked 'to ordinary private soldiers without any of their senior officers present' but that part of the question was carefully avoided. Says something doesn't it?