Shock ! Horror ! Thailand buys non-US helicopters again !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. No....Its got nothing to do with 4 Bell 212 crashes that killed 17 people last year, but its got everything to do with how much was paid under the counter. This is a country that paid huge amounts for divining rods for explosives detection.
  2. Thai Exile is right - what passes for procurement in Thailand is quite simply an auction whereby whoever is prepared to make the biggest bungs gets the contract.

    And as for the Helicopter crashes - last new year I took my daughter to an open day at Chiang Rai Airport. Centre stage was a Huey. Literally hundreds of kids were swarming all over the thing, pressing buttons, pulling levers and stamping on pedals, all having a whale of a time pretending to be pilots. Come the end of the show the aircrew just shooed the kids away, pressed the starter button, revved up and flew off - without conducting any form of pre flight checks at all! No wonder the poor old things crash so often.
  3. I suspect the French simply paid a bigger bribe than normal....
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  4. Wot they all said, biggest bung gets the contract over here.
  5. Thailand is some sort of US colony where only US manufactured airplanes or helicopters are allowed to be purchased.

    The Royal Thai Navy operates 2 Super Lynx,their army 3 Mi-17.

    On the fixed-wing arena,the Gripen,Fokker 27,Hawker Siddley HS-748,EADS ATR-72,Airbus A310 and A310,GAF Nomad,CAC Airtrainer are all in Thai military service.

    As per usual tradidion in Thai military purcheses,someone on the Thai military and/or their civil service Swiss bank account has probably just received a substantive boost,purely by chance,of course.
  6. I've seen that myself at several Thai shows where kids have literally been jumping up and down on so-called flyable airplanes.

    The Thai military have had a high loss rate for airplanes over the years,and no wonder why.
  7. Maybe I missed something when I read the article in French,but the article stated said EC725s were for the transport of troops.

    The Royal Thai Army does not have a SAR function.This is the responsibility of 203 Sqn,Royal Thai Air Force,equipped with the old Bell HU-1H Hueys.The oldest of these was manufactured in 1968.
  8. i really must pay more attention to what air transportation 3rd world countries are investing in.
  9. Thailand is probably not now a third world country,nor has been for some while.

    A road infrastructure nearly as good as the UK,this by itself is a lot better than a lot of countries.a few dozen public airports is hardly the sign of a third world country.

    Hardly deepest Africa,where read third-world conditions prevail.

  10. The articles says that EC725 are troop-carrying helos but it also states that "Les appareils seront utilisés pour la recherche et les opérations de secours" which translates into "these helos will be used for search and rescue operations".

    I know nothing else than what is stated in the article and when I posted it I could only find it in French.
  11. I've seen pretty much the same somewhat closer to home... Fair made me wince.
  12. You definitely have not been to north east thailand, where anything living is considered edible by the locals, murder, robbery are everyday occurances, foreigners have absolutely no rights, most of the road infrastructure was originally constructed by the US and in the somtam triangle some of the roads and bridges were constructed by Royal Engineers in the mid 60,s, the village sheriff has the power of life or death literally, as far as modern living goes the tourist areas and major cities have a thin veneer hiding the poverty and poorly maintained facilities, and the major provincial cities only have airports because the huge military airfields were left in great condition when the yanks pulled out, in towns like Korat ,Ubon ,Udon even chaiagmai , vast estates of new houses were left to the thai people, after more than 50 years of experience with thailand and the thai people, behind the rosecoloured glasses it is still a 3rd world country!!
  13. Yes, nice roads = first world country. Plenty of these in Africa where the nice Chinese have built them in exchange for mining rights.
    You can have 'endemic poverty' and 'aids ridden' too if you like. at least they have nice shiny new helicopters.