Shock! Horror! It was a fix says Heinz.

Oh please, when will this gnome-faced harridan give it a break? If only she would bugger off back to Mozambique.,,30200-13308411,00.html


The United States presidential election could have been computer hacked according to the wife of the losing Democrat candidate John Kerry.

Teresa Heinz Kerry is sceptical about George Bush's victory some four months after the election.

She has cast doubt on the reliability of the optical scanners used in some states to record votes.

She said: "Two brothers own 80% of the machines used in the United States."

She claimed they are "hard-right" Republicans an alleged it was "very easy to hack into the mother machines".

"We in the United States are not a banana republic. I fear for 2006. I don't trust it the way it is right now."

Heinz Kerry urged Democrats to push for accountability and transparency, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

She also expressed her outrage at the attacks of some Catholic bishops on her husband's support for abortion rights.

She said: "You cannot have bishops in the pulpit - long before or the Sunday before the election - as they did in Catholic churches, saying it was a mortal sin to vote for John Kerry."
sour grapes me thinks!

they are all as bad as each other :roll:
Give it a rest you whinging old bag, you lost endex simple as that

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