Shock! Horror! Govt stands up for MoD....MP's demand enquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Goatman, Oct 11, 2004.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    From defenceNet:

    The MoD has rejected much of the House of Commons Defence Committee (HCDC) report on Defence Procurement, which was published on 28 July 2004.
    On 11 October, the Government published its formal Response to the HCDC's Sixth Report of Session 2003-04 on Defence Procurement. In a press release, the MoD said that the report contained "unjustified and unsubstantiated criticism" of the Defence Procurement Agency.

    See Related documents>>> to read the Government Response in full.

    Lord Bach said the HCDC report was a flawed document:

    "Rejection of major elements of a report written by the Defence Select Committee is unusual for the MoD. I have taken this action because the report made claims that were not or could not be substantiated, was selective in the way it used evidence, and even misquoted me in an answer I gave when I appeared before the Committee.

    "The Report was accompanied by a Press Notice that, in my view, made damaging and wholly unjustifiable criticisms of the Defence Procurement Agency and the thousands of Service and civilian personnel who work there. It failed to acknowledge the progress the MoD has made and the action we have taken to improve our performance in the future. We recognise that there are problems going back years, but as I made clear when the report was published, I am absolutely determined we overcome them.

    "Overall, this report was misguided, disappointing and flawed. It missed an important opportunity to make a constructive contribution to the Department's efforts to deliver the full benefits of Smart Acquisition. I had expected better of a Committee with whom the Department normally has a productive relationship".

    Good on yer Willy.

    (I always said that Min(DP) had the right stuff in him)

    Le Chevre
  2. obviously the report spoke the truth and not New Labour spin
  3. And we certainly can't have that. Wouldn't want the voters getting the wrong idea, after all......... :lol:
  4. Thicko alert

    The HDCD slagged off MoD procurement procedures, the MoD says its all wrong - so, presumably, everything is rosy with procurement - and so the HDCD report saying that its all pants is just wrong?

    Errrr....what am I missing here???
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Hmmm...bit more to the story possibly....I think what got up the Minister's nose was the concurrent Press release and the consequent MoD-bashing stories that appeared.

    At the time this is what appeared:
    "I am very disappointed with this report. I do not believe it is balanced or consistent. The report rakes over old news and does not adequately reflect action that the Department has in hand to address the challenges we face.

    "I cannot accept that the performance of the Defence Procurement Agency is "woeful". The report fails to acknowledge the substantial progress that we have made to date. During 2003-04 alone the DPA delivered equipment valued at approximately £3.7Bn. Examples range from delivery of the Strategic Sealift cargo service 20 months ahead of schedule to delivery of new tented encampments for Op Telic a year early. DPA also delivered 24 new or updated aircraft and helicopters, four warships and support vessels and a range of new land equipment. Of course, we are not complacent. We recognise that there are many problems going back years, but as I made clear at the time of the publication of the NAO’s Major Projects Report, I am absolutely determined that we will overcome them.

    "We will now consider the Committee’s conclusions and recommendations carefully and will publish a formal response later in the year."

    Some of the Committee's specific conclusions and recommendations include:

    On the Astute attack submarine and the Nimrod aircraft programmes: The Committee is pleased that good progress is now being made on these projects, which have previously experienced substantial problems. It urges the government to monitor progress closely on both projects and on Astute, to identify a way forward to ensure that vital design skills are not lost.

    On the Future Carrier Programme: The Committee recommends that more work is undertaken on assessing risks by extending the assessment period for the Future Carrier. On 19 July MoD announced that the assessment period would be extended.

    On the Joint Strike Fighter: Weight problems which are currently affecting the performance of the Joint Strike Fighter could impact on the expected in-service date, and must be addressed to ensure that the Future Carriers have their offensive airpower capability when they come into service.

    On the Eurofighter/Typhoon: The Committee supports MoD’s decision to adapt future orders of the aircraft to reflect the changed security environment, but finds it surprising that MoD considers that the adaptation will have little impact on the total cost of the programme.

    On the Future Rapid Effects System: The Committee is concerned that the proposed in-service date of 2009 will not be met, an anxiety shared by industry.

    So,basically Lord Bach was putting up a flag that said
    ' Hey is not quite as one-sided as you have led the world to believe'

    Let's be clear, AbbeyWood and it's denizens are a bizarre invention of Government - and I go into boggle overdrive at how they do business regularly - but it is not as unrelievedly black a picture as some people would have you believe.

    George Bruce (LAB,Walsall) has been Chairman of the Defence Select Cttee for ages. He has been equally scathing about Tory performance. He is , by virtue of his experience alone, the doyen of Parliamentary Defence specialists.

    It would be nice to think he has no particular agenda and is selflessly interested in making life better for the serving soldier......let's not forget he is also a politician.

    Le Chevre - cynical old goat :wink: