Shock Horror.CC says "We need to catch criminals" !

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 7, 2009.

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  1. 1-this chap looks about ten years older than me-and I am 52.
    2-clearly he is buggered by doing his job hampered by the communist govt you have in uk.
    3-truth hurts.
    4-if you think think the tories are better,keep taking the tablets.
    5-you need the PAP-no not those,the peoples action party of singapore.
    only govt leader to attempt it was a mrs thatcher.
    question-compare and contrast position and prosperity from 1978 to 1991.
    mine-1978-unemployed 20 year old.
    1991-captain RAMC.
    2009-chief of medicine projects asia forbes 500 company(clue-top 3)
    end this shit please-its sooooooooo crap,why do you let foreigners do your policy,its facism if you dont grab the mantle.
  2. And the No Sh1t Sherlock Award goes to... :roll:

    Oh, and 46? By fcuk he must have had a hard paper-round! 8O :lol:
  3. Open Northern accent:

    "Police cadets was hard in them days lad, a full time job, not competiton for the cubs"

    Close Northern Accent.

    He's right offcourse...... I have been lucky to have spent the last five years in postings where the targets were not set by the HO, but in the "real world" the boys and girls jump though hoops to produce "detections" to the point of having people whose only job is combing the paperwork and wringing out the last bit of blood from every stone. None of which, I would suggest, makes the public safer (or makes for happy officers)

  4. (Open Northern Accent)When a were a Copper, we used to work 23 hour a day. We 'ad to walk Beat in our bare feet 'cause we could'nt afford boots! An' Sgt used to beat us with truncheon if we did'nt nick at least a dozen buggers every shift...

    But tha know what? If tha tells the young un's that today, they don't believe tha!(Close Northern Accent).
  5. Bang goes his knighthood.

    I wonder, with the current government crumbling, if the rest of the toads from ACPO will now grow a set.
  6. Calling them a Police Force now are we? Makes a change from a Police Service.
    I really do hope this is a drive to remove all the PC b*llocks and target driven policing and not just a sound bite.
  7. What's the betting this chap will be "eased" out some time soon?
  8. Thank god one of them has decided to shout 'hang on that fcukin emporers got no clothes on'..... might start to actually be able to do the job I joined up to do instead of fielding of useless crap reports etc etc ..... :roll: :roll:
  9. It's hardly surprising really that Plod never catches anyone other than speeding motorists as they spend hardly any time being trained. A relatives brother has just joined The Met and after only two/three weeks in basic training he's now on the beat and being 'Mentored' by a 'Senior' Colleague.

    Call me a Cynical old cnut, but if there was no, or very little, crime then people wouldn't need to buy as much new stuff. There is no incentive for a Government to reduce crime cause if Dodgy Geezer's stop nicking telly', car's and Laptops then we wouldn't be buying new ones as often and therefore not paying VAT.

    How many industries are there that prosper form the fallout that crime leaves in its wake?
  10. See you and raise; recruits to Strathclyde Police now recieve ONE weeks training before walking the beat with a senior police officer...
  11. It's a fecking joke. Imagine sending little Johnny to Afghanistan the week after he was issued his uniform.
  12. Steady on, you can't compare Glasgow to Afghanistan...Terry will complain! 8O :twisted:
  13. My bold Please don't misinterpret what you have been told the training is a LOT longer than you are making out, see hear:

    In fact you want to see the size of the folder they have to complete, its unbelievable and its a lot easier now to get rid of , to be blunt, kn0bheads, who can't make the grade.
    Thats not to say there aren't any kn0bs in the job, like any organisation a fair spread of people and skills etc, but the training is very in depth now, almost to ridiculous levels.
  14. Look mate, I'm not Plod and I'm not misinterpreting anything, but if that's what he's telling his family then he's obviously just being a Plod Walt. But thanks for pointing it out.

    But then again, seeing as the cnut in question was Medically Discharged from the Navy with a 'Bad Back' just so that he could get a nice payout to clear off his accumulated personal debts, they shouldn't believe a fecking word he say's anyway.

    So watch out Plod, as once this cnut has got his feet under the table they'll probably be another injury claim coming right your way..