Shock Horror AGC CVHQ! to get bounty first and on time

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Or so a little rumour I heard said

    (and is grinning down the bottom of the office)

    Excel spreadsheets for bounty payments!!

    How much longer does the MOD need to realise EDS and co are a bunch of incompetent monkeys.
  2. I heard from my civvie Clerk a few weeks back that ours were to be payed on the 15th of April and all pay Bounty was being sent through via excel sheets for them to add to the new system.

    So thats 2 sources so far - anyone else
  3. Well the on time bit maybe a lie ......
  4. Yeah would prob have to agree with you - on time like anything else in the T.A

    Still waiting on

    New Vehicles
    Even god damn Stationary
  5. Ladies and Gents, All Bounty spreadsheets had to be at Worthy Down by close of play today. The powers that be hope to have the Bounty Payments in the bank by the 15th Apr.
  6. I'm not holding my breath.......

    The Army pay system has to be one of lifes great mysteries!!!!

    Can anyone think of anything else that that is put up with like this? Imagine joining your new civi company only to be told "you do realise you won't be paid for 6 months" or for some reason they stop paying you for a while only to be told "well I'll look into it" net result.... nothing.

    Oh and yes... I haven't been paid since Jan......
  7. It just seems odd. Some of the posts on another thread today were very alarming. Shut down to run the Armies Data Migration!!!! Who accepted that??

    Its not as if they gone from rocket science to another major system, I've seen the RAF's old system and it was steam driven pile of pants. I'd expect UNICOM to be the same basic system underneath. Maybe they should have asked a more professional supplier (I think it would take about two weeks to write a system the MOD would accept although it would take 6 months of bluffing EDS project management to get that accepted)
  8. The statement below should have been made available to all TA personnel last week. It was sent out by the powers that be for onward transmission to personnel.

    "The implementation of JPA has meant that the normal business of delivery of pay, allowances and bounties has been disrupted for March and April this year. All changes to personal circumstances in March and early April, the completion of TA training and the production of the Certificate of Efficiency, to support bounty payment, are being captured on spreadsheets for input to JPA. Certificate of Efficiency details have already been submitted by units and will be input to JPA centrally, for a planned pay run in early April, which should get the money into banks by 15 April 2007. Attendance based training in March and early April will be input to JPA at unit level once units have access to JPA and payment is scheduled for the end of April so that the money should be in the bank by 30 April 2007. Cash payments for completed periods of training can be made to address hardship from now until the end of April.

    Following the roll out of JPA, there will be a monthly run to pick up attendance details for payment at the end of May and each month thereafter. In this way JPA will enable payment for attendance up to a cut off date towards the end of each month (on or about the 24th) to be in soldiers' banks by the beginning of the following month."
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    There's lies, damned lies and JPA implementation...
  10. thanks dj, don't think I've seen it all together but reading it tells me a different storey.

    Part of it, shows that some people are really working hard to sort out the TA bounty problem, however pay will have to wait (again people are working hard to sort).

    As for why this has happened ......
  11. I am wondering which lunatic decides to shut down the pay for the reason many of us join the T.A, leave the bounties to us please if not can we claim back the intrest?????? :frustrated:
  12. From experience of working with legacy systems and upgrading them, this whole process seems to amateur.

    Their is no reason why the upgrade couldn't have been run offline (without taking the RAF/RN offline), use suitable database offsets, test the data and then bulk restore the Army data overnight.

    Other staff at my place have been shown the JPA training package and they thought it was pathetic, just hope we don't have to work with the JPA people...............
  13. One of the characteristics of a professional organisation is that it pays people on time. The TA cannot pay people on time. Discuss.

    The effect of this incompetence on recruitment and retention should not be underestimated. If you're contemplating a tour somewhere hot and shooty then just consider the thought process of the soldier:

    If I go I need to be paid in full and on time to meet my commitments;
    The Army will pay me full time instead of my civvy employer;
    The Army have never managed to pay me on time since I joined;
    Ergo can I afford to have my pay screwed up while being shot at ?

    And the regs don't help, they just laugh and say "it happens to us too". More fool you for putting up with this sh!te then mate. What happened to looking after soldier's interests ? They might have been beaten down by years of incompetence to accept the poor service levels provided, the TA soldier coming in sees clearly incompetence that in civvy street would earn a P45.
  14. So jpa isnt actually going to change anything then bounties may arrive at some random time in april as usual.
    Only spend it on beer and gizzits anyway .If the pay clerks cant make sure they get themselves paid on time I'd worry .As it is same old same old :frustrated:
  15. Thats Just like claiming for fuel -

    These days - it seems that the T.A cant be bothered to even sort out transport for shizer. So they say take your own car and reclaim the mileage - yeah right i fought for 2 god damn months to get fuel costs back. How the feck can they be sorting it for two months????