shock horror a useful PSCO

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. I hope he carried out a proper risk assessment prior to starting running.
  2. Headline:
    Suspected thief ran three miles across fields and streams trying to escape PCSO... who loves cross-country running
    Quotes: (My Bold)
    'I used to be pretty good at running so I didn't think twice about chasing after him, but I had no idea I would be running for half an hour'
    The divorced father-of-two, who became a PCSO in 2003, said he was a keen runner all the way through school and 'always entered cross country running' for sports day.He said: 'I was pretty fast and used to do quite well. By the end I could do a mile and a half in nine minutes. But then I tore some ligaments in my knee.'I still try to keep fit, though I haven't done any serious running for a little while because two years ago I had serious abdominal surgery.'But I've started going to the gym at work now and hopefully I can start building things up a little
  3. If the villain had injured himself no doubt the PCSO would have been up for a bollocking or civil action against him.
  4. 9 minute PFT though, not a bad effort. Better than mine, anyway.....
  5. What's with the Jeremy Beadle hand though?
  6. beat me to it dam! teach me to read the whole artical rather than just take the p1ss
  7. Result!!
  8. Its still fixed into the'Carrying a paperbag full of Doughnuts' position which he appears to have dropped mid-chase.
  9. Useful? Twat wants to shave off his sideburns and beard if he wants to be considered useful.
  10. Ah yes, the obiligaotry plod Goatee. I'm sure they issue them at Plod Depot and now the PCSO's are trying to look 'cool' as well :roll:
  11. What is all that junk on his stabbie? Not the Airwaves but the round looking thing with wires going to the front pocket?

  12. Its a torch that people have taken to wearing. Probably one of these. First one I've seen on a PCSO though. Maybe some farces issue them. They seemed to have plenty of uses but I don't think you can beat a three D Cell maglite stuffed down your stabbie.