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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by nottyash, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. I am not entirely sure that that was the exact name of the programme, on very late (About Midnight), Monday night.

    The programme centred on the 'abnormallity' of soldeirs in conflict situations, recording their own personal memories of war.

    The programme seemed to suggest that in recent times, with the advent of the internet and digital photography, that modern soldeirs differ from their predecessors, and record personal history, (However graphic or indeed bad), for personal posterity.

    Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, It did make me think that the recording of conflict by soldiers has been going on for hundreds of years.

    The Bayeur tapestry springs to mind and that is in recent times.

    I remember a friend of mine, who in the early eighties, left a disco, in a place he should not of been, and when he started the car (PV, you know who you are), the car blew up. Thankfully, he, PV and his passengers only ended up with sore ears.

    Intelligence suggested that the individual, who placed the UVIED, later died whilst transporting a similar device, which blew up in his lap.

    PV, whenever he got pissed off or annoyed, took a picture out of his wallet, which showed the cowardly git, in a morgue. It (The picture), made PV smile when he was pissed off, doing so in the knowledge that he survived and that the other cnut didnt.

    So nothing is that new, it just that things that used to be private are now very public.

    PV my hat is still off to you.
  2. I too watched this and the same thing crossed my mind.
    Of course trophies of war and conflict have been taken since war and conflict began. Whether it is right or wrong is not the question, the fact is it will happen and probably for many reasons, ( i speak as someone who has NOT experienced theses things so please forgive my ignorance) but possibly as much as a way of personally dealing with the issues, with the death, mutilation and horror experienced, and dehumanising the enemy....which surely is essential to anyone who has to take life?
    As for placing these things on public view......i personally do not want my information of these matters to be sanitised or censored, censorship to children, yes, but to an adult who should be able to or even encouraged to appreciate the realities of war, NO!
    As teenagers or younger we are introduced to the horrors of war in History classes.....i remember looking at black and white photographs of our and enemy mutilated soldiers dead on battlefields. I remember those first feelings of intense appreciation for the luxury of not having to live that and grief and gratitude for those who endured and died for our future. Would the message have been as potent to me at that stage if the photographic evidence had not been witnessed? I hope so but i don't know. I do know that as an adult i don't want to be ignorant of the truth and i don't see why we should bury our heads in the sand just because this isn't a history book.
    Its important and its current, its happening out there.....and our countrymen and women are living it. Incredible and terrifying.
    Some of the pictures shown on that programme were very obviously dehumanising the enemy....and some seemed simply illustrations of a day( a horrific day) in the life....some seemed entirely disrespectful and some quite the opposite.
    The programme was valuable and although i have no doubt that some will have watched it for voyeuristic reasons, there will be some like myself who are glad these images have been publicised and made available. It reinforces my respect of what our armed forces have to endure and i feel no sense of disgust of loss of pride, which i think was possibly an opinion the programme was indicating you should take?
    Glad i watched it.
  3. Interesting topic.

    I managed to video myself getting zapped and got footage of the damage after. I sometimes pull up the footage and watch it again, with what I can only describe as a bit of satisfaction. Certainly doesn't wibble me out

    However I turn off programs on aircrashes because of a fear of flying.

    I think generally it is a positive way of coping with experiences and reinforces some of the more positive aspects of "bad stuff"

    It also is a reminder, proof if you like that you've been there and done that (Not in a walting manner)

    Everyone has their chad phots, with back drops of road signs, graffitied gable ends, blown up stuff. Only the kit, uniforms, facial hair and weather tend to change......And of course the technology involved

    Obviously if you are collecting enemy scrotums to make a hand bag you probably need to see a head doctor
  4. Notty ash,

    Can i just point out that i was also in Port rush that night with PV and in our defence Portrush had been placed in bounds that day.

    I decided not to leave with PV as i was doing my best for cross community relations at the time in a very nice bar !!!.

    Just goes to show that drinking can in fact be good for you.
  5. Saw PV on TV the other day, doing stuff with his new job, very interesting!! looks like he is making a packet so called JN to tell him he should ask for a new car off him!!!
  6. Wasn't you who got shot in the Arrse was it? Saw that video - good drills!
  7. Also saw PV on the tele the other night. God I'm so glad other 40 sometings are on this site. If PV hadn't have given the Irish dicker a light for her fag he may have sold the car, not scrapped it. Didn't the other fellow, the survivor, not the two still slagging about in the club, go all god like. :twisted: Welsh I seem to recall.
  8. Slagging about in a club !!!! i re-semble that remark.

    Will always remember phoning the Ops room at Clooney at speaking to R**** W****s . It went something like this

    R**** PV & TD have just been blown up in port rush.

    Reply Portrush you boys are in the sh*t its out of bounds !!!!

    Didnt think to ask if PV and TD had been badly injured. As i have said before we were lucky that Port rush had been put in bounds that day.

    Happy days.
  9. There was a rumour at the time that when he was asked for a light he had to take the girl around the corner to the car and use the dashboard lighter. Just so she was sure to get the right car. Any truth in that?
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Not too long ago, it was considered the norm to collect ears on a bit of string around the neck . . . others try to bring weapons back, both from the Falklands and more recent conflicts.

    Don't see a problem with it myself.
  11. My fridge is full of heads.
  12. You do not need to refrigerate steak and kidney pudding in tins.
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Showing your age there :wink:

    MMMMMmmmmmm babies heads and train smash :D
  14. the chef that was with us PJ took the blonde back to the car to use the lighter that is correct.

    He was going on all night about hot she was.