Shock and horror. The Infantryman 2005 magazine

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lord_Wentworth, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Just received this excellent magazine through the post and was idly browsing it when I saw something which nearly caused me to choke on my tea. In the bottom corner of page 195, there is what appears to be a superb picture of an RGBW LCpl in full battle clobber screaming out a command. However upon closer inspection the aforementioned appears to have a tongue piercing! Talk about juxtaposition.

    My equilibrium was somewhat restored to see that he had an iron sight on his weapon and is, therefore, unlikely to be infantry and must be attached to the battalion.

    Has anyone else noticed this?
  2. WTF?

    Unfortunately because they are in the trees, it's highly likely that he is indeed Inf.
  3. By jove you're right Dogmonkey, it was during a jungle ex and he is therefore, certainly infantry! Apart from the obvious medical implications, is this really the image of the modern infantry that we want to portray?
  4. Flupping Homme should be engaged with GPMG's until he gets stuck in a bastard bush and dies!!!
  5. Doesn't everyone use iron sights in the trees?
  6. 'Tis what I thougth. Faster to snap from target to target with Iron sights than SUSAT.
  7. It's because there is no need for a 4X magnification when visibility is poor. That's why iron sights are standard.
  8. Shotgun is what you need!
  9. Auld-Yin

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    I think the original post was about why said Cpl had his tongue pierced by metal, not the type of rifle sight.
  10. Good point AY. What is the Army policy on this, ear rings on blokes is a bit Navy! Belly Buttons and King Alberts are not normally noticed - but what about the tongue!!??
  11. The RN used to have a problem with pierced matelots a while back, but the Firefighting School on Horsea Island had the best approach. All students were warned that it would be a good idea to take them out. At the end of the main exercise (ie when they put you on the third floor and set fire to the bottom two), there were always a couple of blokes (and girls) who wished that they had listened to the advice. Amazing how hot those bits of metal can get in a firefighting environment. Seeing a Wren trying to get her firefighting kit off to remove a poorly-placed piercing never failed to raise a giggle.

    Girlies can wear simple gold studs in their ears, that's it. Uniform Regs are pretty clear across all three Services.
  12. from QRs
  13. Sixty

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    Which one was he again? I was probably off sick when this was covered as it's not ringing a bell.
  14. I think (nopersonal knowledge) that this is one through the foreskin. Shudder!
  15. There was a LCpl in 1 HLDRS who used to pull his Prince Albert out in the pub - seeing this stud through a chap's manhood cleared the pub in seconds as males fled to throw up and girls chased after them saying 'aaah WHY won't you get one baby?'....