Shock, A major problem.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by healer, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. There may already be a thread on this, but I'll start a new one.

    How is the best way of dealing with some one who is in major shock, the usuals I know, keep warm keep talking etc etc, but what if the person keeps getting flashbacks, feels down afterwards? Should someone interviene or should it just take its course and having someone to stand by for support?

    hope that made sense

  2. I'm assuming you're talking about Battleshock rather than Hypovolaemic shock?
  3. Yes I am, sorry for not making that clear :S
  4. Is this a hypothetical question?
  5. This is not my field however,
    Sounds like some form of PTSD. What’s you location, if in the UK I would suggest referral to the SMO who in turn can refer the person to the local psychiatric team either community or Priory. If you’re on ops then there should be a psychiatric team at the local field hospital.

    Whilst you are waiting for the referral don’t ignore the patient but again don’t push questions or expect answers, let them know that your are around and will listen. Make a note of what is said and place this with the med docs, most importantly don’t promise anything as you may not be able to keep it and that will break the trust that has been formed.

  6. Luckily it is in the Uk. Would it really have to go as far as a psychiatric unit? The individual is walking and talking normally enough, just complains of flashbacks and tension
  7. As I sated this is not my area, but if it was me having the flash backs I would want some help from the experts. The SMO will have the relevant details and will be able to make the best judgment, be it in house or with the relevant local health authority.

    You could also think about pointing the person in the direction of the Padre even if the person is a non-believer / wrong religion. They are always a good listener, will fight your corner and have influence with the chain of command (gaining leave, time off, change of duties).

  8. Cheers for that Worm. :)
  9. Healer, just to be clear is this a regular soldier, TA or someone who is now out ?

    Only because there are different courses of action
  10. A strange question from one with that cap badge, if thats your trade you should be vaguely up to speed with this subject!!

  11. Are you pentwyn or just bone,

  12. I think that she is TA (for about a year)

    The Other Half
    Just TA
    in it for the love of the job?

    So as a TA medic with approx 1 year in, chances are she isnt up to speed with very much military or medical. (no offence Healer!)
  13. yes I am TA for my sins, want to get college and (hopefully) med school out of the way and I want to join the Army as a doctor. And yes I have just joined up, dont worry, I'm not a brainless CMT, just a new one ;)

    Oh the individual concerned is also a TA soldier BTW.
  14. 1 year is a bit much, I've only been in since November!