Shivers sentenced to 25 years' jail for soldiers' murders.

GOOD!! Hope he has a long,lingering painful death while banged up!

BBC News - Brian Shivers sentenced to 25 years' jail for soldiers' murders

A terminally ill man convicted of murdering two soldiers at Massereene Barracks, Antrim, has been told he must serve a minimum of 25 years in jail.

Brian Shivers, 46, from Magherafelt was convicted last month of the murders of Mark Quinsey, 23, and Patrick Azimkar, 21.

They were shot dead by the Real IRA as they collected pizza in March 2009.
Lets hope the bastard suffers,,orribly till he dies............
Good. I hope his death is as squalid, painful and lonely as possible. Best they don't release him on ****ing 'compassionate grounds.
It's not long enough but given his illness, he probably won't survive 5 years so it will do! Murdering Bastard!
Hope he gets lots of expensive treatment in hospital that keeps him alive until he gets parole and early release.

I then hope after his release, outside the prison gates him and his supporters get run over by an out of control Land Rover driven by a pissed up squaddie. :)
brilliant! Shame the could't get the other murdering ****** on it too...but in spite of that result!

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