Shitty useless looking surplus

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spr_D, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. While aimlessly googling like a plank i came across this site. Which bluntly looks a pile of tosh to me.

    Anyone seen worse?
  2. ye looks pretty useless to me...special forces hat? :? looks like a normal hat to me!
  3. Expensive too... nearly fifty pounds for a web tex cadet day sack? You could get a Lowe Alpine or Berghaus for less than that.
  4. Fcuk. Saw the thread title and thought we were going to get pictures of your missus!
  5. This tactical hand trowel looks a bit tasty as a backup personal weapon or perhaps for burying really small turds.
  6. Want a foldable dump bag....

    The mind boggles :lol:


    Really like the Speshul Force hats though - didn't realise I was part of the elite by having a couple of those stashed in the loft (slightly shrunk and battered mind from GW1) - I'd better get a bit of black nasty to go over my eyes lol
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    handy to have when you want a foldable dump mind.

  8. A tactical hand trowel..... An absolute operational must have item! Your just a c*nt without one!
  9. It's the Mini–Folding Shovel for me, have a regulation 6ft slit trench dug in no time at all.

    Or if that don't work out I can always use it to eat my crunchy nut in the mornings.
  10. shouldn't there be some sort of law against this? to prevent sprogs who don't know better lining the pockets of these chancers?
    I mean, even the name is a bit ginger beer, Tactical Things? come on
  11. :D

    Yeah, as if i can hold on to a bird long enough to call her my missus ;)

    This just confuses the frick out of me.

    LA Specials used to be trainers right?
  12. I like the "Jack Pyke HIDE TOOL" at £18.95. A must for when the CO demands some pruning around the harbour area.
  13. Tactical Things of Colchester, a major British army garrison town and Englands oldest recorded town.

    Return Address:

    Arnold Boyle
    Newtonlea, Conicavel

    IV36 2TU

    There must be something dodgy, or has Colchester just got alot bigger?

  14. ... bollox. T'was going to get the boyf one for his B'day. Mind you he's AGC so he'd probably eat it or something.