shitting bricks?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. I don't have a net worth of a million pounds so I am safe, but for all you rich boys out there, I have just heard that hard bastard Danny Alexander on the lunchtime news saying that he is coming to get you. I just thought I had better warn you in case it gets messy like.
  2. He'll never get at my millions, the wanker.
  3. He wont get my millions. I put them back into the box, with board, iron, hat, dog, car and dice.

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  4. Saw him on the telly this morning.

    A big girl's blouse with all the presence of a wet paper bag. A failed attempt to look forceful while toeing the party line and trying not to say anything controversial. Wuss.

    Of course - he's a limp dem MP for Inthef*ckingmiddleofnowhere in Jockland...

    And calling himself Danny does not not make him sound tough.

    He can double away with short sharp jerky movements and do one as far as I am concerned. It will give him some time to practice kissing Labour's collective arse before the next election.

  5. To be fair, the twat (left) was misquoted/ misinterpreted. He's trying to find his friends. Where may they have gone?

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  6. My Mother in Law, who is an 'Elf and Safety' consultant, had to do an assessment of his work place and all he did was whine. does not seem to have changed much.
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  7. If he can get past my Dawgs he,s welcome to my wedge.
  8. Him and the rest of the Lib Dums are just trying to sound 'well 'ard' at their conference to detract from the fact they are nothing more than Cameron's 'Human Shield'. Come the next Election they'll be back doing what they do best; being totally in the wilderness and irellevant.
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  9. If he finds my millions we'll fecking go half-shares.

  10. Fuck me! [Figuratively speaking, of course]

    You've got H&SE in your family . . . and you admit to it? Have you no shame, man?
  11. Shitting bricks is when some fucker has an ND whilst on top cover and sits opposite you.

    "It wasn't my fault, It just went off"

    "You fucking dick" Was my response.
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  12. This lad could well afford to go back to his Scottish roots. He 'sounds' very effette. He'd do well to take some elecution tips from any of these and get a bit of character in his voice.

    Roddy McMillan
    Mark McManus
    Andrew Cruickshank

    He sounds more like Barbara Mullen on helium. ( don't give that - Barbara Mullen is from west coast of Ireland stuff )
  13. Just in case the Limp-Dumbs and Tory-Conmen (&Women) do try and take my millions. I have sent it all back via Western Union cash transfer to that nice fella in the Internet Cafe in Oommguffe Street, Lagos..... to be invested in Eurobonds and col Quadaffie's secret gold hoards
  14. Did he manage to unzip his flies first?
  15. Is this so that he can afford a chin implant to have the void between his bottom lip and his neck filled? the soppy wet fart.