Shittest tourist destinations in the world

Discussion in 'Travel' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. i know this is 8 months old, but it is one of the Telegraph's most viewed articles today (for some reason).

    anyway, a survey has revealed the shittest places to visit. quite who the people they asked actually are, i would love to know:

    Eiffel Tower most disappointing tourist spot

    the pyramids? one of the most disappointing tourist attractions in the world?

    all i can say is that obviously, none of the idiots surveyed have ever been to the fucking Giants Causeway.
  2. We went to see the Pyramids in 03 stayed at the Mena House and we found the constant harping of the locals to flog us something and the restrictions as tourists were we could go was what disappointed us. The men with rifles was a bit daunting to see at a tourist attractions as well (but understandable considering the location) The actual pyramids were amazing.
  3. It sounds like the sort of list that some ill-educated Chav might come up with...
  4. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    They forgot Portsmouth!
  5. I see it is an old list - but I think that Lapland adventure over Christmas seems to have taken top UK spot.

    BandT - went to Pompey for the first time in a decade last week - good call!
  6. You can't blame them for leaving Portsmouth off the list, I've done my best to forget it for years...
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Milton Keynes! Really should have to say no more than that.
  8. '7) Brighton Pier'

    There is no such thing as Brighton Pier. Of the two piers in Brighton, the Palace Pier is thriving and the West Pier fell into the sea a few years ago, after a fire. Which one do they mean?
  9. Northern Poland.
    It is he only place I have ever been and hated....

    sh!te food and looks like the ruskies pulled out 2 weeks ago.
  10. 8) Kin Ell !! no one mentioned Hayling Island or PlymouthI spent a year there 1 weekend :lol:
  11. huh :?

    Good sea fishing marking in the summer though :D

    Edited to add: Folkestone. Enough said
  12. I spent over 30 years trying to forget the place and then Mrs Bonzo, a savage, spiteful and vindictive beast, wanted to move near there to be by the Grand children - nasty, ill-mannered, spoilt little shoites.

    World sites
    the Acropolis
    Paris - The rest of France is bearable.
    Gib and the amazing w*nking monkeys
    Marbella - throughly nasty and full of cheap gangsters
    Jerusalem - dump and if you saw the way the Palestinians get treated you'd know why they're up in arms
    The leaning tower of Pisa - why can't it get on with it and drop?

    British Disasters
    Lands End - how the feck did we allow that to happen?
  13. I noticed this thread earlier and feel I must respond. I apologise for being such a pedant, but it does annoy me that people don't properly read the artcles that are posted.

    Milton Keynes?
    Northern Poland?
    Hayling Island?

    The article considers the "most disappointing", not the shittest.
    Those "must sees" that are cliched, bigged-up, overcrowded and overpriced.
  14. Went Ramsgate once and it was shut.
  15. The Isle of Dogs would be a disappointing place to visit if you were a foreign tourist.