shittest regimental tats

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gnr300, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. i remember when i was in basic there was some guy going around with the rlc star right down his fore arm before he even completed training. any one else seen any thing worse than this?
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    Or you could possibly use the search function. This topic has been done to death.
  3. oops sorry didnt think that one through.
  4. Link to thread?
  5. B_AND_T

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  6. Gotta be Mike Goldens. Not a bad tat, just shit because he shouldn't have it.
  7. A few weeks before I passed out of Phase 2 Combat Engineer training at Gib, I got plastered with a few muckers and headed down to the tattoo 'artist' opposite Sandhurst, RE collar dog in hand. 15 years later, I still have the 'Ubique' flaming grenade adorning my right upper arm, much to the the hilarity and disgust of any toffe-wrapper I come across...
  8. There was a lad at 15 sigs who had a websters jimmy tat on his arm with 'born to kill' written at the top and 'taught to communicate' at the bottom, awesome.
  9. Pirbright, 1995 a Welsh Guards bloke (called Gunnery) in my Pl went home on his long weeekend and had a 6" tall Welsh Guards capbadge on his right upper arm with 1st Bn Wels Guards under it. He was booted out before completing training.

    Oh how I laughed,

    Epic fail.
  10. I bet that's not the story he tells in the pubs and clubs.

    Most likely walts it big time.
  11. Osnabruck early 90's bloke had his Number RANK and Name tattoted on his arm, clearly he didnt think he was going to get promoted.
  12. Cant access the other link on work computer so feast your eyes on this beeeaaaauuuuttttyyyy !!

    Done pre 'P' Company too !!

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  13. I know a sapper who has the RE TRF tattooed on his arm, where it's placed on the shirt. Crap cunt.
  14. Whens the puff going to get it coloured in?