Shithouse reading?

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by northern_warrior, Jul 4, 2007.

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  1. Now, i'm a ardent reader of almost anything i can get my claws on. However i have this rather peculiar habit of having several books on the go at once. I do this with no real pre conceived plan i'll have you know.

    I can pick up a tome a read it from cover to cover in one sitting if the time frame is good.

    I also ALWAYS have a book in the shithouse, that i can do a few pages at a time every day ( currently "under the eagle" by Simon Scarrow )

    The thing I'm driving at here is, am i a freaky reader or is this the norm with bookworm type folk?

    Your thoughts gents please.
  2. That's all completely normal behaviour.

    Reading on the toilet is the mark of a civilised man.
  3. I agree there Mr Logic, however my concern, if there is one. Is that shithouse reading should be a quick and browse-tastic experience, not a full on book type sketch. Where the said book gets dragged out over a week or so.

    I thought shithouse reading was supposed to be light ?

    As i said before i can have several books on the go at once and still be up to speed on all of them! Maybe I'm just a fookin weirdo. :D
  4. Totally normal, I've often had up to three or four books on the go at once.

    At present though, I'm trying to limit myself to one book at a time, but since I keep buying new ones, I'm finding it very difficult.
  5. NW,

    Perfectly acceptable over here. Several books on the go, one in the bathroom (as we call it). Personally I have the books in different rooms and whichever room I'm in determines the read. I also have a traveler to take with me on those short trips when I'll be in the parking lot waiting for the wife.

    So far I've never had a problem remembering exactly where I was with each when I last put it down. Must be some left sphere, right sphere thing in the brain.
  6. Thats my point exactly.

    I ALWAYS have a shitter book, but also have normal daytime reading books. If there is such a thing. I usually have a work book as well ( and my field of expertise is not of the sat down all day one either! ) that i read whilst having a smoke........Good to see I'm not a proper crazy bastard with an attention problem then :D
  7. Very rarely read whilst sitting on the bog, far too busy writing impressive prose and the odd poem on the walls.
  8. Having books piled around the house is totally normal...

    However, I am convinced that extended reading sessions on the bog has worsened my piles :oops:
  9. NW I'm in the same predicament as you however may I suggest a few copies of the Best of Viz may make for lighter reading as you crimp one out
  10. Reading whilst excreting is a must, if for some reason there are no literary works of art arround i resort to emergency reading material which can be found on the back of shampoo and shower gel bottles :D

    I would say normal toilet reading is light, normally a mag, sometimes those Commando commics, porn (including despiration porn i.e. when you read the instructions to tampax just to get a glimpse of a chuff) etc..

    I've taken a book i was reading into the toilet but cant say i've ever had a novel to read specifically for crapping? Am i missing out, are there recomendations?
  11. It's normally the pictures that get my attention when I'm on the toilet :lol:
  12. Just back from a visit to the Mess in Lisburn. All very civilised, especially the joke book in the bogs. Always makes the few minutes when squeezing one out almost enjoyable.
  13. You're possibly correct, it's not advised to sit on the loo when you have piles.
  14. Might I suggest having a look at this:

    The Qi book is good toilet reading, as are the New Scientist books (Does Anything Eat Wasps, Why Don't Penguins Feet Freeze).All good for quick reading and you don't feel compelled to finish a chapter.

    Edited for Friday afternoon mong writing.
  15. Sh1thouse reading should contain pictures of either t1ts, cars , cars with t1ts draped over the bonnet or shaved tw@s

    Bathtime reading should consist of the all the above ...laminated