shite thread

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. Words fail me, simply put, twat!
  2. are you not curious where your submariners go then ? been on two and a half years and posted less than 30 times and i elicited a response oh yes
  3. Was that an "Oh yes", just as you were scuttled up the back way? Drop off, do one and take your pathetic dribbling twig back to the boat sailor. Pathetic attempt to pass yourself off as genetic cock snot!
  4. so that makes me a turd burglar ?
  5. Not simply that, also the sheer audacity of posting like a throbber, tbh, I don't know you, I will spare you the benefit of the doubt. I still elect the fact your a cunt though! Sorry darling
  6. I may be a cunt but in the morning you will be sober
  7. a most intresting homage to bazalgettes infrastructure...........................
  8. One of Mr Bazalgettes descendants is/was a producer of TVs Big Brother.

    So his ancestors pumped shite away from our homes, and now his descendant pumps it back to us via the medium of TV. How apt..
  9. Don't bank on it cock eyes
  10. Freeform jazz singing