Shit Hospitals

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tuffty, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. First up is Hereford Hospital - Total Shite

    Please feel free to add your own NHS shitholes.

    If this has been done before then moderators please feel free to delete this post

    After a question on what to define it against please see the list below, however if you want to add anything please feel free:

    Standard/Quality of Service (In Patient or In/Out in a day)
    Standard/Quality of after care
    Staff Attitude (good or bad)
    Staff Competence
    Quality of Food
    A&E (Length of time to be dealt with)

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  2. Stafford, say no more, though they did manage to save my finger without killing me, guess I was one of the lucky ones.
  3. Mayday in Croydon.
    Full of chavs, shot druggies & low lifes!
    Feel sorry for those that are decent and are really ill and have to use it!!
  4. My local one is great.The Filipino nurses will do anything to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
  5. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Damn, beat me to it.

    East Surrey was once good, is now pants.
  6. Scarborough hospital, I've not been for years but last time I was there it was run down and grubby, and the nurses were more interested in hanging around the nurses station gossiping than actually going round the wards doing their job. My grandma was being treated for cancer and died as a result of the MRSA she picked up there. Fair enough the cancer may have got her in the end anyway, but picking up that bug & the nonchalant attitude of the staff didn't help.
    When I had a double hernia repair a few years ago I refused keyhole surgery at scarborough due my experiences of the place, and opted for open surgery at another hospital instead.
  7. Harlow hospital. You'd be better of going to a local vet.
  8. What measure are you using to define shit? I've never had anything but good care and treatment in any hospital or any other NHS clinic/surgery etc.
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  9. Tameside hospital. Full of chavs and drunks. Staff have been under investigation, horrid place.
  10. Is there any other hospital in the country that still uses nissen/canadian huts as wards?

    Dont get me started on the fecking car parking fees including disabled!
  11. If you are decent and really ill, and you don't piss off the staff, you get excellent care. I can testify to that.

    You could probably say the same about any of these allegedly 'shit' hospitals, though.
  12. My daughter was born there, what a fvcking hole. Munters covered in tattoos, smoking out of the windows with their arses dangling like John Wayne's saddlebags from their "nightwear". Horrible, just fvcking horrible. Best thing I ever did was to move out of that shit hole Tameside.

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  13. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Absolutely anything???
  14. Addenbrookes in Cambridge ... unless in the last ten years it's improved. Came back from Lebanon by air ambulance straight to Cambridge airport, met by ambulance and thought everything was going to be good. Then spent 12 hours on a trolly in a cubicle in A&E listening to the Saturday night druggies and drunks kicking off whilst I clutched my belongings which had been unceremoniously dumped on top of me. Finally moved to Urology ward which was useful considering my recent amputation and skin grafts; I'm sure there was method in placing someone at risk from infection in a ward full of old ******* with colostomy bags overflowing with rancid piss. Then moved to some other obscure ward before back to urology and finally to the plastics ward. Couple of days of missing breakfast and lunch due to physio decided the only way to eat was going to the hospital 'mall' for three squares a day (especially as the hospital provided meals were a cooked lunch and sandwich for dinner!). Oh, and after 6 days found the cleaning cupboard where I got some materials to clean my room which had not even been swept since I took residence. Got a bollocking from the ward sister for that, said I shouldn't be hopping around with a broom!

    That said, the physio/prosthetics department were superb and most of the ward staff who dealt with me were fine if somewhat disillusioned.

    The Hammoud Hospital in Sidon, Lebanon was superb!
  15. Current affairs, really?