Shit f***ing drivers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by I_Even_Disarm_Ducks, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. How do these fucking idiots actually get a driver's licence?!?!?!

    I have just got home, after what can be said as positively as possible, a very interesting passenger experience!

    NEVER, and even in my youth, EVEN with my sister driving, have I EVER seen such a horrendous act of driving in my life!

    Simply put:

    Wet conditions
    Lots of corners
    No desire to slow down until halfway round each corner

    To top things off was the fucking motorway journey, thankfully only one junction, but one too many!! Ever see that person weaving erratically between traffic? And really wanted to just run them off the fucking road? Try doing it on an empty wet motorway! Whatever happened to driving ettiquet(sp)?! The whole, give plenty of time before changing lanes and do so smoothly? Even when the lane is empty a quick "jerk" in to the next lane is unacceptable in any circumstances!!

    Some people are so fucking moronic they need shooting, or better yet, the person that thought it safe to give them a full driver's licence!

    To top things off, my best mate is now fucking getting all handbaggy with me because I had a go at the stupid bitch as we careered round a corner where she nearly lost control (yes another woman to add to the image of bad women drivers! such a shame!)!

    A few "fucking idiot's" and a few "you don't deserve a licence and I'm only rude when it's fucking needed" later and I'm the bad guy. I felt so helpless that I seriously feared for my life and something had to be said! I am a hypocrite now apparently, because I made my mistakes in my youth, get this, I learned from them by someone fucking telling me straight! I don't profess to being perfect, I know I still make mistakes. But I don't go driving like a fucking lunatic! Fucking whore!

    I'd end my rant now but I'm still fucking fuming! FUCK!
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    If that pisses you off you should travel more widely. Thailand will give you a coronary. Australia is highly amusing. Asia in general will probably kill you off. Get a fucking bus.
  3. Someone needs a hug. Here's a hanky have a good blow.
  4. I was tempted. I don't care if I was driving and the idiots where around me, but in a ford KA, the way she drove, I wouldn't even drive like that in some top of the range car!
  5. No thanks jarrod, I know where your hankys have been, and don't talk to me about blows, you're not my type.
  6. Did you not think to say something while you were in the car? A few weeks ago me and a couple of mates from cadets had another cadet's dad drive us out to Watton for training for the Nijmegen walks, and he was so tired you could have put him on a sofa and he'd have gone straight to sleep. His lad ended up having to yell at him for nearly sending us into the back of a tractor at 70mph, along with several verge mountings and erratic driving all round. After that I took him aside and told him to get some sleep or we'd be getting a taxi home.
  7. Hush little one I think it's past your bedtime, it's late you're tired and grumpy and it's school in the morning.
  8. Watch your whore mouth!
  9. Thought I had got that point across....
    I tried the calm approach on the initial journey, put in a few "oh my you drive quite erratically, please slow down..." etc.
    Sadly the return approach, and the near spinning of the car round a corner later, my coronary decided to swell, so naturally to prevent a myocardial infarction, ones reaction was to shout and swear at the fucking bint from the rear passenger seat. Fortunately it worked, sadly only to a small extent, but I felt safer than the initial journey. Must remember to shout louder next time.
  10. Awwww, but uncle jarrod, do I not get to have a cuddle tonight? You know I can't sleep until you do that thing with your thing :(
  11. Hands off you.
  12. FUCK when did you come into the picture?! Im going to go make another rant thread about how jarrod is unfaithful to me! Bastard! Or is it bitch?
  13. Unfaithful to you? He's mine. Facebook says so. You'd do well to stay away from him or I might have to shut you in my shed.
  14. UNWRITTEN RULE BREAKER! You can't go talking about Sh*ds willy nilly you know! They will come for you!

    Didn't bother with the thread anyway, too much effort. Anyway, it's clear he is being unfaithful to you. I get the cuddles in the night hehe. Bugger, I haven't done my revision for my year 6 SATs! UNCLE JARROOOODDDD, I need help pweeeeese!
  15. Wait here, I'll fetch the roofies and manacles. It's not just any shed.