Shirtlifters get stiffed by hetro for a change

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ViolentBadger, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Female bouncer wins 'landmark' case after being harassed for being straight at gay bar

    A female bouncer at a gay club has been awarded thousands of pounds in damages after she was harassed for being straight.

    In a landmark case, married Sharon Legg, 33, used legislation put in place to protect gay, lesbian and bi-sexual people from harrassment to win the compensation.

    The mother-of-three was called "breeder" and "straight" - derogatory terms used in the gay community - while she worked at Dreams gay bar in Bournemouth, Dorset
  2. When the hell has the word straight ever been derogatory?
    Just another whinging cow jumping on the harrassment bandwagon.
  3. Is that the best they could come up with?

    Good news though.
  4. fuck off poof.
  5. 'Breeder'? So implying that a person can breed is seen as a derogatory term in the faggot world?

    I've said for years that homs bring nothing to the greater scheme of things apart from trashy CH4 talk shows due to their inability to populate the human race. Seems like I was right - the poo covered pork sword loving freaks.
  6. I really think you need to get out more. It is not derogatory to you because you are stright, to a gay person (I am fucking not) it is. Like WhiteHonkeyCunt I think is fine but would suggest a person of shade would take it as a derogatory remark from him to me. Likewise, nigger, from me to him would cause some trouble, from one nigger to another, no such problemo!

    Get the drift!!
  7. Kiss my arse, I don't like sausage jockeys anymore than you like people from a certain religion from the middle east.(I don't like them either)
    I just happen to think if you want to work somewhere like that then maybe you should be prepared for a bit of banter instead screaming harrassment.

    Edited for school master redshaggydog
  8. Well jarrod said u wuz a homo :wink:
  9. No not really if a pork sword swallower came to work in the army and got called a bender is it right he has the right to sue for taxpayers money?
  10. Taz said you were a closet muslim :p
  11. fucking ace win. :D
  12. In this day and age you should not be calling him names unless you want to get into trouble. If however they were a good egg then perhaps he would take a little banter. It all depends on why the banter is given, in humour fine, as a slagging because some cunt cannot get to grips with their own sexual possession... I think not.

    Also if one person is working in an environment where they are the minority it can be seemed as bullying. Personally I don't like bullying, whether it be by gays or against gays (unless it is against the French that is).

    Are you Irish by chance?

    edited for mongness

  13. Posibly the first time a doris has ever gotten a LEGG over a poof
  14. I love bullying, especially against gays and minorities. I don't do it to feel big or clever, more as a way to compensate for having a penis like a button mushroom.