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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sazzz, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. appologies for mongness;
    im looking to buy what i think is called a shirt od, i think it was what was used prior to dpm shirts, anybody have a link? or a better thing to search for?
    again;appologies for mongness.
  2. Which one you after? There was the itchy and scratchy, the Ben Sherman and the Cheap as fook one that came after that.

    You after new or second hand?
    What size?
  3. its a replacement for my old one, which now has a hole so big in the back that i can fit my fist through it. However, the one i've got now has off-black buttons and is a lighter colourand quite soft, whereas some i have now found look darker, the buttons are a sort of green-clear, and the material looks stiffer. Are thease a newer version or a different sort of shirt?
  4. Does it have Ben Sherman on the label?

    Is the fabric like a issue blanket?
  5. SAZZ what size do you want? I think I have one in the loft
  6. Not like an issue blanket, the fabric is quite soft, and its been washed so many times the label is now completelly blank.

    the one ive got right now has a 38 inch collar.
  7. 38 inch Collar ! 8O
  8. Is that chins in or out?
  9. Size 41/43 you are in luck if you can get yourself down to Vicky Park
  10. shit, sorry 38 cm not inches! about 15 inches!
  11. chest size?
  12. No idea about chest size - still in the wrappers they were issued in 10-12 years ago.
    Shirt Mans General Service Olive Size 41/43 (collar Range). Next size up by the look of it.

    Suit the more mature individual rather than a young buck.
  13. yeah, but is that in cm or inches?
  14. If anyone wants these 2 shirts let me know or they are destined for a charity shop