Shirt, mans, general service, olive?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Scavenger, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. Bone question...

    What order of dress is this for?

    I'm trying to work out why I've been issued them.

  2. Its for sexy night games with your Plt Cpl, did you not get "Stockings for the use of one pair Black fishnet" to go with the shirts then?
  3. The new barrack dress perhaps?
  4. They go with trousers lightweight and jersey heavy wool to make dress working c.1980s.
  5. i got pulled up for not wearing anything under my shirt "dpm" 8O
  6. That's because you were wearing it a skirt you filthy slut! :)
  7. Yeah i thought it strange why the sgt was smiling while adjusting my attire :? it felt more like a caress than slap shut and fack off.....
  8. It;s not a shirt DPM. Its a 'Jacket, Lightweight, DPM' and the whole idea is that it is an onion system and therefore you add and take away layers as necessary to remain at a comfortable body temperature!! However, original manufacturer's instructions never survive contact with the R Sigs!!!
  9. Or TA RLC until 2001.
  10. Its for No2 uniform isnt it ?
  11. Shirts KF (itchy horse hair) were 1980s, Shirts Olive Green came in early 1990s.
  12. Oh, olive green, under wooly pully wear
  13. I once had one of the woollen shirts that predated the wool/synthetic shirts KF. Lovely soft thing it was.......
  14. It's not a left over Ben Sherman jobbie is it - Not a stores wind-up is it?

    Got any pics of said shirt?

  15. and they were like rocking horse sh1t for the first couple of years! Our QM's staff managed to find one or two for self issue tho'! :x