Discussion in 'REME' started by masher69, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. do shipwrights deploy on op tours (bosnia,iraq,stan ect) or is it 22yrs in marchwood or are there other postings for shipwrights??
  2. Yes there are other assignments.

    Marchwood......Cyprus.......Falklands.........Kiel........also as a metalsmith to a CSS Bn or even to 10 Trg Reg as a Welding Instructor

    Hope this helps
  3. Not for much longer.
  4. Expand????
  5. n-o-t f-o-r m-u-c-h l-o-n-g-e-r!!

    Howdo JB!!
  6. is it right that there are only 25 shipwrights left?? kiel ,wtf happens in kiel? i,ve been to kiel a few times did,nt know the army was based there ,top run ashore!!!
  7. there is the AT centre there.....the British Yacht Club Kiel, in the middle of a German Navy base
  8. Fantastic bunch and very skilled. There are 31 worldwide and although they will spend a fair proportion of their time in Marchwood (17 Port & Maritime Regt RLC) there are posts in Cyprus (hopefully to remain post PJHQ review), the Falklands and Kiel yacht club. They also support SAS on various exercises and there is some work ongoing to provide the same sort of deployed support to SBS. There was some work looking to implant them into the REME Bns as a Metalsmith for 6m or so but I'm not sure if that has progressed at all. Oh, and they will deploy with the parent Regt whenever it goes somewhere - 6 or 7 of the lads have just finished a 6m tour in Kabul.