Shipwrights in the REME

Discussion in 'REME' started by tomsim, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. Hey I wonderd if any one on here is a shipwright in the REME, or has worked with them. I'm looking at this job and wonderd if any one could give me some more information other then whats on the army jobs website. I'm wondering if they use the trade alot realy as I have heard some jobs in the royal engineers don't use there trade much after phase one training. I also wonderd what the promtion prospects are like and is it quite easy to get selected for artificer training if you put the effort in? Thanks for any information.
  2. I would say that you are more likely to use your trade far far more as part of the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, no matter what your trade is that say a chippy or a brickie (well most trades) in the fat badges.

    The only RE trades I have seen use their trades other than on tour or ex are drivers and resources (Stores) bods.

    Lots of good skills to be learnt as a shipwright, as they do most of the maint on everything the army has that floats (apart from the engines) and some things that don't. I only know this as I worked alongside a shipwright in the Falklands.

    Plus you can get a posting to Cyprus is you fancy a tan!

    On the promotion side of things I am lead to believe that it is a bit of a deadmans shoes trade, however you can reach WO1. Not a tiffy trade, so if that floats your boat (see what I did there) you will have to re trade in order to attend the all arms spine removal course.

    If any of this is total bollocks im sure one of them higher in the food chain will be along soon to point you in the right direction.
  3. Theres a shipwright at Kiel Training Centre.

    Dont know his name or how to contact him mind you.
  4. Trade training is 28 weeks at HMS Sultan if thats any use to you.
  5. Thanks for all your comments yes it seems like quite a good trade. Are they used much in the army though does the army use many ships? I was realy after information on promotion as want a trade that will offer good promtion prospects if I train work hard. Thanks for any more information.
  6. Great post
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  7. There are probably only about 30 shipwright posts. Upshot, dependent how good or how bad your fellow shipwrights are, you may be lucky and get easy promotion in some cases to some ranks and in other cases find your way blocked for an extended period by the individual in the rank above you until he promotes, PVRs are you accidentally run him over - dead mans shoes at times but no competition for a post at the next rank at other times. The majority of the posts (70%+??) are probably still all at Marchwood (17 Sports and Pastimes Regiment Workshop) so if you want stability its a good option. Sometimes you may get the chance to serve at a main REME Battalion in lieu of a metalsmith.

    I hope this helps
  8. Cheers, do you think yours was really worth the risk of RSI?
  9. I'd have thought the answer was in the question.Ship therefore Navy.
  10. Have you read the posts before you, or even looked at the REME trades available?

    I thought not, so do a little homework first.
  11. spent three very happy years at 17 sport and pastime as a VM; 89-91. The Shipwrights I worked with were all a great bunch of lads. Postings were limted for them but their trade training was excellent - can't think of another trade where class 2 course was so long, six months i think.

    Very good nightlife in Southampton - oh the days of the Frog and Frigate!
  12. Had one working for me as a metalsmith, cracking guy. Make sure you enjoy a sport or 2 or 4.
  13. Don't be a Shipwright if you want a good career!! However if you are or have any of the following you are ideal for the trade:
    1. Overblown Ego.
    2. No wish to work anything other than a 9 to 5 work regime like real tradesman.
    3. Unwilling to adapt to change.
    4. Sure that the way you have worked for the last 30 years is the best way to work and no one else could possibly know how to do the job better than you.
    5. Happy to sit in the UK and never deploy overseas like the rest of the Army.

    Look to another trade if you want something that offers prospects for promotion within the Corps and the possibility of Tiffy Trg.
  14. Having had a Shipwright working for me at 460 Port Troop in FI I can say I must of had a different experience to you A_MECH, he was a great worker who had ventured all round the world and on OP tours

  15. Now then tit.

    as a shipwright i'm going to tell you where shipwrights have served in the last 10 years

    Tristen de chuna
    Iraq(Telic 1,2 & 3)
    Afghan(Herrick 10,11,12 & 13)

    So start and get your facts right before you start mouthing off glorified fitter(bolt off,bolt on)