Ships & SF Helos to be scrapped in new defence cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Sep 7, 2017.

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  1. By saying that you have clearly indicated to me that you haven't read the relevant documents...
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  2. The only practical use of 1 Div is public order control, presumably post nuclear strike.
  3. Oh dear, well best not upset them by mentioning it then, just pretend everything's fine and 'crack on'.
  4. That is precisely why I have asked for a reference.
  5. meerkatz

    meerkatz On ROPs

    Not blind to it at all.
    The BA has no capability to deploy and support 10,000 man all arms combat ready force.
    They're done as a a near peer expeditionary army.
    Enjoy the memories of GWI - it was the last hurrah.
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  6. And given that the relevant documents are PM'd, I will not be discussing them further on here. Please feel free to do your own research...
  7. How do you know what you are asserting? Oh, I forgot, you don't...
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  8. I shall but you have already breached the OSA if you are indeed quoting from them.

    Anyway back to the point, the four Bdes in 3 Div are to provide three for deployment. As the remaining strike Bde will be the only Bde in the Army with Ajax and MIV it makes sense for the Army to attempt to regenerate from it, but what with?

    1 Div is mainly light everything.
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  9. Ahem . . . Territorial Force (TF), actually :)
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  10. There is a strong rumour of a new Chinook buy, new builds, based on the fact that some of the airframes are coming to the end of there service life, according to JHC.

    F models or MH?
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  11. For some reason I associate MoD procurement with Sheffield. I don't know why.

    I cannot think of any good reason why MoD procurement would be so detached from anywhere else I/we might associate with the functioning of Central Government.

    Am I mistaken?
  12. @Himmler74 this morning I spoke (twice!), to a chap employed by a certain VERY large USA aeronautic/defence contractor - who mentioned he happened to be "in Sheffield".

    If my supposition above had been correct, it could have added weight to the "strong rumour" you mentioned.

    This evening's TV News, confirmed that the same contractor was in Sheffield to announce a new high tech/manufacturing agreement with the local "Development" organisation (%).

    That is not to say - of course - that there was not another team in Sheffield today, signing procurement contracts ;) .

    (%) "High tech" or not, the visuals accompanying the audio voice over, was of apprentices filing lumps of metal! :) .
  13. Boeing do have a finishing facility there.
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  14. The news content, was about a "new" investment, following on from McLaren, and some other firm - I've forgotten already - in a "Technology Park" ?!
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