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Discussion in 'RLC' started by musicalmarvin, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. Just a quickie here - are the Landing Craft Logistic etc used by the RLC classed as ships or boats?

    Extremely ****, i know!

    Many Thanks
  2. A boat = a vessel under 40 feet or 40 tons unless its a fishing boat or submarine.
    A Ship = above 40 tons or 40 feet.
    You dont get fishing ships !!
  3. muchas gracias
  4. No Bother

    Jolly Japes

  5. Also tecnically a ship has 2 or more enclosed decks.
  6. So is an oil rig a ship, a boat or a maritme asset.. and why is a submarine called a boat?
  7. Subs and fishing vesssels are always called boats. No Idea why except that you dont get many subs under 40 feet or 40 tons. (can of worms opened now - Oh yes you do I can hear them say). Oil rigs are commonly known as platforms as they are towed and fixed. Ie no engines or sails.

    Clear as mud lol

    More Japes at 10pm in the mess chaps

  8. Just to add chaos to confusion, here's a rule of thumb. A ship can carry a boat, but a boat can't carry a ship. :?
  9. 4 'd's - surely you just made that up!!
  10. If he did its very accurate or maybe it is true.

    Now Im so confused I dont know my own name (BlackAdder's Baldrick)

  11. you are all wrong.

    the definition of a ship is "a vessel with a complete visible upper deck".

    a submarine is not a ship as its upper deck is encased so not visible

    Cant believe no other matelots got in there first

  12. The national Historic Ships register criteria to register a vessel is as mentioned on my first post. 40 feet or 40 tonnes. No subs or fishing boats in this category.
    Also mentioned in other sites is the fact about a ship can carry a boat but not vice versa.
    Another method is she is over 150 feet with 3 or more gaff or square rigged sails. Older shops.

    Matelots my buttocks

  13. so expand, why does that make a submarine a boat?
  14. a submarines upper deck is in the con tower - there for not a full deck.

  15. Does this mean that HMS(hip) Nottingham should've been referred to as HMB(oat) Nottingham while it was being carried back up to blighty on the big lifting ship thingy??!!??