Ships and Submarines sunk by the RN in the Falklands war

I was doing some reading around HMS Alacrity in the Falklands war and discovered that she sunk the ARA Isla de los Estados.

I was aware of the Santa Fe and the Belgrano, but was unaware that we sunk other vessels in that war (pretty ignorant I know). Wikipedia states in addition to the above the following were also lost;
Does anyone have any further information about these?
I would imagine that the 'Spy Trawler' is the Narwal, which was given a sound malleting by Dave Morgan and Gordy Batt in their SHARs, then boarded by some gentlemen from Poole. The damage from the air attack led to it sinking on 10 May while under tow.

The others are more difficult to pin down, since sources differ. Roughly, the following were lost or rendered unsuable in addition to the Narwal and Isla De Los Estados, but NB that the details may not be correct as to how they were damaged/sunk:

Rio Caracana
(transport) - badly damaged in an attack by RN Lynx; mistakenly bombed by the Argentines and then sunk later in May 82 by another Lynx attack

Alférez Sobral (patrol boat)- badly damaged after an attack by Lynx using Sea Skua, several crew being killed in that attack

The Monsunen (transport, captured from the Falkland Islands Company's fleet) was driven ashore in the Battle of Seal Cove

The Bahía Buen Suceso (transport) was damaged by SHAR cannon fire while in Fox Bay; it remained moored there and broke loose, with the bow going aground; the vessel was captured at the end of the war, and towed into San Carlos Water and sunk in October 82 in a SINKEX.

Comodoro Somellera
(patrol boat) - initially claimed sunk by Sea Skua, and recorded on a site plotting international shipwrecks, the RN reclassified the ship as being damaged and it actually left Argentine naval service a decade or more later. The departure from service wasn't planned as the sinking resulted from a collision with another Argentine ship.

Islas Malvinas (Arg coastguard ship) - damaged by Alacrity's Lynx, captured and renamed Tiger Bay (operated by a crew drawn from HMS Cardiff). Booby trapped by Argentine crew, with the engineer who'd booby trapped it being recovered from his escorts and made to disassemble it according to some accounts.

Rio Iguazú (Arg coastguard ship) - damaged by SHARs [I think] and then sunk by an attack by a Lynx (after it was technically captured by us, according to one account I've seen).
Madness. Here we are about to scrap an amphibious assault ship (HMS Ocean) at a time when Argentina wants to buy one.

Is it just me or are we missing an opportunity to make a few quid here?
Given our reputation for selling-off some pretty dodgy naval hardware it does seem too good an opportunity to miss..
There was definitely some kind of patrol boat lying off Goose Green in late 1982, went on board to see if there was anything worth stealing but it had been well stripped. It was full of holes and a lot of water, someone had done some basic damage repair at some point judging from the number of wooden edges driven into the holes.

We heard that they had to tow one of the captured supply ships more than ten miles out to sea before they sank her, as it was infested with rats and they were worried they'd swim back to shore. Don't know if that's true, but it seemed reasonable at the time.


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Just possible that Arg's bid for the Ponce is related to Brazil's maybe bid for Ocean?

Presumably Ponce can be bought on no-interest credit.

NB for $40m you can't buy much of a warship. Ponce is nearly half a century old.

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