Shipping UK Car to Cyprus - advice needed.

Usual supects, M & S, do the shipping from UK to Limassol.

Call them and they can handle the whole thing. Beware though, the cost of shipping is not the last cost as there are registration fees to pay, which can be expensive as they are based on CC of the vehicle. There are also the usual palms to be greased to get it out of the port. You will need the paitence of a saint too!

My personal advice would be not to bring it and buy out here. There are lots on cars for sale, particulalry at this time of year. Also, avoid the dealers who are all sharks and buy private. Leave the Volvo at home or sell it if you can.
Two years ago, my 2.5 litre diesel cost £750 with MandS, £2000 just to register it, £250 to get it out of the port, £350 annual road tax, £50 to MOT it (it was new).

U decide!!!! (although I think Registration costs have since gone down a little)

Telephone SBA Customs and they will tell you current road tax/ registration costs.
Thanks for the advice guys. I have been quoted £870.00 by M&S shipping, who tell me that it will be clear of customs and delivered to the Limassol Depot, which will leave me to register and tax it - any comments?
As I said - telephone SBA Customs and ask them how much registration etc will cost. They were bang on when I called them.

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