Shipping Car to Cyprus

Recently been told I am off to Cyprus, probably for around 6 months.

Just bought a new tax-free car in BFG, and am exploring possibilities of taking it with me.

Anyone know the best way to do this? I have heard rumors of a car ferry from Italy, but can find nothing on the internet about this. And is there any help with the cost (fat chance, I guess?)
Phone or email (email is better as they never answer the phone, they just pick up the messages) Sealift Ops at DSCOM, Abbeywood. They will send you the paperwork to apply for shipping space on the freighter from Marchwood. It goes every other month (the next is late July). It's free (other than whatever insurance you choose to buy privately), easy and fairly quick. My car should have arrived in Limassol today (I have not been able to check) and I can pick it up when I arrive in 2 weeks as long as I bring the V5 and Cypriot insurance.

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The only ferry services to Cyprus (Northern Cyprus Famagusta or Girne (Kyrenia) are from Marsin or Silifke, Turkey, services that would NOT recommended to the devil reincarnate. The "Vessels" used are the " M/V Calypso" a forty year old pile of junk with no cabins or the Ro-Ro Fehim Bey in similar condition - both unfit for a 14 hour crossing. DO NOT use either unless you wish to end up dying a most horrible death. The alternative is the Grimaldi Lines EuroMed Service from Salerno on a weekly basis but this is NOT a ferry service in the conventional sense - yes it takes cars and a limited number of passenger. But there is not a lot to do on the 6 day journey to Limassol via Piraeus, Izmir and Alexandria. All meals are included in the price - fixed menu, you eat with the crew. If you like solitude and reading this is for you. If you need information about the EuroMed service please PM me.

Hope this information is useful.
There used to be a ferry from Piraeus to Limassol, but it stopped running a few years ago. There are plenty of commercial ships running from Piraeus to Limassol, some of the Ro-Ro. They take a couple of days. Google a car freighting company and they can book (you have to go through an agent). You then fly from Athens to Cyprus.

To get to Piraeus, drive to Brindisi, get the Patras ferry and drive across the Peleponnese. I had a great holiday exploring Italy ont he way back.

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